It’s National Go For A Ride Day! Check Out Celebrities On Bikes…Including Zac Efron! [PHOTOS]

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Creepy fan checks out Zac Efron pumping gas.
Riding bikes and motorcycles make life easier for the stars in Los Angeles and New York. With constant traffic jams, it can be difficult to get places on time.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth ride bikes for recreational reasons. Others like Zac Efron, have been spotted on a bike on set of a movie.

With their compact vehicles, even if they’re just riding around on set, they’re able to weave and in and out of traffic, if necessary, and move faster than those stuck in traffic.

Parking is also so much easier, unless of course, they’re unable to locate a bike rack.

Many people might now be aware of this but today is go for a ride day. Maybe that would be a good idea for burn off all the excess calories we consume after scrumptious Thanksgiving feasts.

Check out our gallery to see which celebs could be celebrating National Go For A Ride Day!