It’s National Flossing Day! Celebrate With The 21 Most Dazzling Celebrity Smiles

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Middleton had her fun with the press
All that Thanksgiving food might be resting in your gut (no judgment, this is what American holidays are all about), but there’s no reason for it to stay in your teeth!

The National Flossing Council website, which is probably one of the most eccentric sites dedicated to flossing I’ve ever seen, reminds you that it’s National Flossing Day!

“It’s always the day after Thanksgiving,” the Council would like you to know – which is weird, because my Flossing Day is usually right before a dentist visit (just kidding, I haven’t been to the dentist in years #plaquebuildup). 

So, to do our part in the Council’s mission of spreading “peace of mouth,” we’re bringing you the 21 most dazzling smiles in Hollywood. Real or fake, these celebs have some great choppers: from Julia Roberts’ gold standard smile to Olivia Wilde and Tom Hiddleston’s toothy grins, we’ve got all you need for oral hygiene inspiration.

Check out the gallery for more famous pearly whites, and don’t forget – even if just for today – to floss those teeth!

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