It’s ‘Jersey Shore’ Spinoff Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

A tweet from Snooki: “So I can FINALLY Announce..I Got My Own Spinoff!”

Correction, Schnicks.  You got a spinoff with JWOWW.  Not just you. Two of you.

MTV announced today that Snooki, Jenni “JWOWW” Farley and Pauly D will get spinoffs.  You know the deal: Edited recordings of their daily ups-and-downs.  Snooks and JWOWW’s reality show will focus a lot on the duo’s friendship and love lives, mainly because there’s nothing else to zero in on.  Hopefully Dina won’t barrel in and ruin everything.  Pauly D’s spinoff will focus on his rise to the top as the flyest DJ in all the land, complete with cameos from childhood friends.

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MTV said in a statement, “The ‘Jersey Shore’ cast is at the center of the show’s ongoing success and Nicole, Pauly D and Jenni have become household names as a result of their unique, sometimes outrageous and often hilarious personalities.”

Somewhere in a day spa, The Situation is hopping mad.  Who knew speaking in the third person couldn’t guarantee a reality show?  The hours wasted on English For Dummies!  Alas, if we had to select three people from Jersey Shore to land spinoffs, those three would get top billing.  Can you imagine watching a reality show starring Sammi and Ronnie?  My goodness.