It’s Happening! Harrison Ford Joins Will Ferrell & Christina Applegate On The Set Of ‘Anchorman 2′ [PHOTOS]

Will Ferrell Versus the Wild!
The comedian enjoys urine and eyeballs.
Talk about crazy pants! It was just announced yesterday that Harrison Ford would be joining the cast of Anchorman: The Legend Continues and the veteran actor was already on set!

Harrison joined Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate on the set of the upcoming film yesterday and can I just say, they are all rocking the 1970s, retro look! Although part of me wishes they’d put a wig on Harrison. Maybe he’s not in full costume yet?

It’s good to see that Christina is back for the sequel. When they first put out the awesome teaser trailer announcing it, she had yet to sign on. But now you’ve got Veronica Corningstone and Harrison Ford! That sounds like a win to me! 

I can’t wait to see what Harrison does with his role in the movie. According to reports, his character is meant to be the most legendary of anchormen à la Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw. Think he’ll make more than just a cameo appearance?

Side note: that’s defintely Judd Apatow hanging out with them on set. Love it! Launch the gallery to check out all the first photos from the set. How excited are you for the sequel? Does the Harrison Ford casting just put the cherry on the ice cream? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!