It’s All About The Accent: 11 Hottest British Invasions

Let’s be real — there’s been a fair amount of talent coming over from across the pond. From the Beatles to Amy Winehouse, to the lads of One Direction, we all seem to go crazy for the sounds of our British compatriots. Without the Brits, we wouldn’t cry every time we heard “Someone Like You” on the radio, or know what it means to twist and shout.

Honestly, they’ve made some of the best music for every generation and have incited frenzy with legions of teenage girls everywhere. In honor of the hottest British import One Direction’s first movie One Direction: This Is Us, we rounded up the hottest and brightest Brits to grace our shores.

Take a peek and let us know if we missed anyone in the comments, and be sure to check out “One Direction: This Is Us” in theaters August 30th.