It’s All About Reality For LeAnn Rimes Hawaiian Vacation

LeAnn Rimes In A Bikini
The singer celebrate July 4th in Malibu.
Usually you’d want your Hawaiian vacation to be relaxing and drama free, but for LeAnn Rimes and her trip it’s the more drama, the better.

LeAnn Rimes was spotted in Hawaii, playing on the beach and getting footage for her new reality show, LeAnn and Eddie, starring herself and her husband Eddie Cibrian. The show will be on VH1, though an expected air date is not yet known. Seeing how happy LeAnn looks in the pictures and how much fun everyone seems to be having, I can’t imagine where the typical reality show drama will come into play.

Despite all the cameras, LeAnn was sporting a skimpy bikini and looked not the least bit uncomfortable in it. Maybe she will be good at the whole shock factor reality show thing.

Her husband Eddie seems to think they’re both going to rock it. “We saw the majority of reality shows, the cast members get to consume a lot of alcohol and then they get to fight and throw things and we looked at each other and we said, ‘Why don’t we do that?’ That sounds like fun. Let’s join ‘em.”

I’ve never heard of anyone actually wanting to add more drama into their lives, but I guess if you’re bored or famous enough that it doesn’t matter, then why the hell not? Eddie’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, is a reality starlet as well, known for her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Maybe LeAnn is just trying to compete with the ex-wife she openly doesn’t like?

Whatever the reasons, LeAnn and Eddie is bound to be endlessly entertaining. Celebs fightings and drinking on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii? What could be better?