It’s A Hat Off: Jay Kay Calls Lady Gaga A Marketing ‘Freak’

November 5th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Lead singer of Jamiroquai frontman has laid down the gauntlet by calling Lady Gaga a “money-making freak.” Bitch, dem fighting words!

As you can see from the photo above, perhaps Jay Kay is just jealous that Gaga has better hats than him? Also, could he just be jealous that she is a money-maker, whereas we really only remember Jamiroquai for this once-cool video?

But Gaga isn’t the only one he’s launched verbal daggers at as of late…

Kay’s rants have focused on pop star Cheryl Cole and Australian singer Dannii Minogue, throwing shitty remarks just hours before he performed on The X Factor – on which they are both judges.

“Lady Gaga is a money-making freak for her label. We (Jamiroquai) are not like that. We do music, not marketing. Lady Gaga is obviously a phenomenon. The world loves a freak. If the record companies see that they can make money with them, they will do anything. Don’t worry, next time we’ll come dressed in asparagus. And with tomatoes too,” he recently said.

I hope he knows that he is now on a Little Monsters death list.

By Justin Thompson

  1. Peter

    Christ another ignorant, Jamiroquai only known for a music video?

    They have done 6 world tours and sold 25 million albums and done over 20 popular music videos and Jay has a fortune of 60million dolars.

    You fool

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