Joan Collins and Lindsay Lohan Facing Off Would Make My Life Complete

Wow, Joan Collins looks kind of used up in that right-hand pic…oh wait, that’s actually Lindsay Lohan. No wonder. Oh, that’s not fair, since I actually think Lindsay looks pretty decent in these pictures, but still, I like to poke fun. In a pairing that is so preposterous, it actually makes perfect sense, Lindsay Lohan and Joan Collins played hostesses to the grand opening night at the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Italia Film, Fashion and Art Festival.

The two graced the red carpet at the Mann Chinese 6 Theatre in Los Angeles and from what I can see from these pictures, they don’t appear to ever have been on the carpet at the same time. Wise move by their publicists. I have no idea if these two have beef–I would love it if through some strange happenstance, Lindsay had slept with some guy that Joan had been eyeing and Ms. Collins decided to take off the white gloves and pummel a bitch. Why take off the gloves? The last thing she needs is to orange them up with cheap self-tanner, of course.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN