It Takes A Lot To Make Natalie Portman Laugh

Natalie Portman revealed to Elle UK why she sticks to serious dramas like the recently released Brothers. Ever the role model for cool girls everywhere, Portman finds most of the scripts she’s been offered sexist and the females characters not complex enough.

In the magazine’s February issue Portman said, “It’s just that I would only get offered girlfriend parts in guy comedies, which aren’t exciting to me, or those offensive roles in romantic comedies where the woman has to have a job in fashion so that she can have nice clothes, and her goal is always marriage” (Cough, cough Katherine Heigl).

Portman says she is more interested in finding “characters that make me laugh,” which apparently is a tough feat.

In an interview with T Magazine in 2007, Portman even said, “I think something has to be so specific and so true to be funny. I’ll be really moved by something that might be sentimental or sappy but I will not laugh from something that’s not really, really right on.”

Portman comes on the heels of New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis’ f-bomb tirade to Jezebel last month about the lack of quality movies for and about women, following the publication of her piece about the issue in the New York Times.
Maybe someone will actually answer the rallying cry and write some material worthy of the 28-year-old starlet. Until then, we’re stuck with Leap Year.