It Must Be Sienna’s Boyish Features That Hayden Christensen Fancies

Right? She has no boobs, and with her current hairstyle she could pass off a boy. Does Sienna really want to be with Hayden, or is she still secretly pining for Jude Law?

According to the Mail on Sunday, Sienna Miller wants to get back together with ex-fiance Jude Law and she’s willing to sacrifice her party girl lifestyle to see it happen.

“She has started contacting Jude again, saying she can’t live without him and will do anything to win him back,” a friend of the pair revealed to the paper.

“She has promised to stop drinking, which Jude hated because she becomes argumentative. She also says she will stop smoking, which is another of Jude’s pet hates.”

Give it up sweetie. Move on. Why not get together with Pete Doherty? You’d be perfect for him.

Sienna Miller wants Jude Law back? [Fametastic]