Isla Fisher Is Not Even Trying To Hide That Baby Bump

April 20th, 2010 // 3 Comments

Well hello there obvious baby bump on Isla Fisher! Where did you come from?

There’s no mistaking that for an extra sandwich in an over-sized bullseye shirt that says “lookey here”. I completely missed that she was hiding it and now there it is. How did she get so big already if she looked like this a little over a month ago? That’s probably why they squeezed in the wedding mid march so she could fit into gown and wouldn’t have to try and plan a wedding with two kids running around.

Baby Borat sure grew up into a cute little Olive Cohen. Let’s hope they get as lucky with the next one. With Isla and Sacha Baron Cohen‘s DNA mixing it’s like genetic Russian roulette.

By Madison Ventura

  1. M

    At least you’re coming out and saying the obvious. I hate how every gossip site I go to, keeps saying stuff like “might be”….like no…look at those pics…she is. You don’t not get a bump like that from eating a big lunch.

  2. gant77

    If you look back at the Oscar pics, you can definately see a bump! Congrats!

  3. anon

    Oscar pics? Wearing a skin-tight green dress with boobs hanging out? She was pg with Olive.
    SHe looks about 4-5 months pg here

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