Isla Fisher Has A Girls Day With Her Daughters In France [PHOTOS]

While Sacha Baron Cohen got into character aboard a boat with Elisabetta Canalis, Isla Fisher had some good, clean fun with their daughters, Olive and Elulah.  Though Fisher is also at the Cannes Film Festival to promote Rise Of The Guardians, the Australian beauty spent some downtime with her girls today (May 17th) on the beach.

Fisher recently admitted to the BBC (via OMG Yahoo) that her hubby’s work is “not a normal life to lead.”

“Obviously, it’s not pleasant to say to your husband — instead of ‘Did you pick up the dry cleaning?’ or ‘Did you pick up someone from a play date?’ — ‘Oh wow are we getting sued? Has anyone put a death threat on us?'” 

Still, Fisher loves Cohen, quirks and all.  “I love it,” Fisher said of Cohen’s newest flicks, The Dictator.  “It’s the funniest movie he’s made, I think by a long way, and it’s also really sweet. There’s a love story and I like to see him, like in ‘Hugo,’ showing that side of him. Creatively it’s great.”