Isaiah Washington Receives Some Surprising Support

Isaiah Washington’s release from “Grey’s Anatomy,” has resulted in him stating that he was “mad as hell” and planned on possibly taking steps to regain his position on the show. And he’s earned the backing of gay and lesbian activist, Jasmyne Cannick. Cannick and Washington both worked on the Pan African Arts Festival and she has started a petition to get Isaiah back on the show, citing racism as the reason behind his dismissal.

The petition says Washington’s firing “further adds to a disturbing new trend at ABC wherein minority actors have been dismissed at an alarming rate over the past two years. Blacks, including . . . Star Jones (‘The View’), Harold Perrineau (‘Lost’), Alfre Woodard, Mehcad Brooks and Page Kennedy (‘Desperate Housewives’) have been let go…”

Cannick believes that the steps Washington took after his very public use of gay slur (both on-set, and at the Golden Globes) should have been enough to ensure that he kept his job at ABC. The petition has already garnered over 1,000 signatures. I don’t know if I can muster up the energy to get excited about this anymore. My whole scope of what is going on in the world is pretty much limited to the television shows I’m currently watching, and I’m kind of done with “Grey’s.” So, um, yeah. I guess that since I’ve never lost my temper with a co-worker, attacked them and then called another co-worker a slur of some sort, I just can’t relate. I find it’s best to just sleep with someone’s boyfriend, if I’m really feeling bitchy. Kidding! (Not kidding.)