Isaiah Washington Might Get Hired By The Competition

June 27th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Man, has he gotten a lot of mileage outta this or what? Sources are saying that Isaiah Washington is in talks to possibly work for NBC . It’s unfortunate that “Will & Grace” has ended, because then maybe he could have gotten the opportunity to go after Sean Hayes.

The former Grey’s Anatomy star, who learned June 7 that he was not being invited back for a fourth season, has reportedly been in preliminary talks with NBC regarding a future role at the network, although it isn’t known whether he was being considered for an existing show or a new vehicle specifically for him.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, however, the discussions have stalled. NBC has declined to comment on the alleged negotiations.

As you may have heard, Isaiah’s newest theory is that T.R. should have been fired because he supposedly played the entire situation to his advantage to advance his character’s storylines and his own earnings. This guy seems like such a crazy, but enough already. It’s over, Johnny. Stop friggin’ squawking and move on. Open an actor’s workshop for homophobic looney tunes already and call it a damn day.

By J. Harvey

  1. Richard

    I think this bigger issue then the back handily refering to TR night as the F word is that he put his hands on Patrick “Dr. McDreamy” Dempsey’. TR wasn’t even on the set when the whole thing went down according to his Ellen interview. He was running late for work. If you look back into when TMZ First reported this, the whole reason they were fighting was due to the fact was TR was holding back shooting for that morning. Isaiah tried to chock the shit out of Dempsey. Dempsey is the bigger Victim not TR.

    Mcdreamy has been marginalized this past season while the writers have expanded and explored the George character.

    I don’t think TR tried to play the entire situation to his advantage to advance his character’s storylines and his own earnings on purpose. I think the media and certain blogs (perez) spun it that way and this is how the whole thing turned out.

    I agree on the firing because you should never put your hands on a co-worker. Isaiah has a history of doing that. According to TMZ right after it happend Isaiah had put his hands a a female actress on a different tv show. He doesn’t have a history of Bashing gays. Dude worked close with TR for 2 years without saying one bad thing about him knowing very well he was gay.

    This whole thing was never about homophobia it was Violence and Safety.

    I’m not defending Isaiah using the Word. I’m trying to say his firing and media attenuation should be aimed at the Violent act and not on the politically incorrect wording of his statments.

  2. jen

    I agree with that very LONG statement. :)

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