Isaiah Washington Keeps Talking, and I’m Getting Frustrated Because I Have to Keep Writing about It

June 29th, 2007 // 17 Comments

Isaiah Washington recently gave another in-depth interview, this time to Newsweek, and elaborated further on his abrupt dismissal from “Grey’s Anatomy.” And in this most recent outpouring of information, he reveals that he believes he was unfairly targeted because of his race.

“I had a person in human resources tell me after this thing played out that ‘some people’ were afraid of me around the studio. I asked her why, because I’m a 6-foot-1, black man with dark skin and who doesn’t go around saying ‘Yessah, massa sir’ and ‘No sir, massa’ to everyone? It’s nuts when your presence alone can just scare people, and that made me a prime candidate to take the heat in a dysfunctional family.”

I can totally imagine myself being that person who works next to the person in human resources who made that comment to Isaiah and witnessing that little interchange, trying to pretend that “La, la, la, this isn’t happening. I’m just going to keep on filing these files! Filing files! That’s what I love to do!” I don’t know if Isaiah was truly the subject of racial discrimination, but for someone just trying to do his job, as he says he was, he sure does have a lot of anecdotes that involve him losing his temper with co-workers.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. JAM

    I think IW is loopy! If he was working in the real world he would have been fired right away for his comments in the work place – absolutely he should have been let go. IBM wouldn’t have sent him to remorse school, and they wouldn’t have had him do a bunch of PSA’s to keep his job. He would have been sent packing. Sorry buddy, but you’re looking for something, just accept that you messed up and move on!

  2. Jen

    What an ass…does this guy not remember taking his co-star BY THE NECK and choking him? Hmm, maybe THAT is why they’re scared of him. It has nothing to do with being a 6 ft 1 black guy. Get over yourself! I’m sick and tired of the race card…someone needs to seriously shred that bitch.

  3. Darth Paul

    I accept that covert racism exists, especially in the entertainment sector, but there are ways to deal with it to your benefit…yet he chose to play the fool instead. Now he wants sympathy AFTER he used bigotry and anger…then apologetic docility…then anger again. WTF? Just take a stance and stick w/it or shut the hell up. You’ll alienate all your fans if you keep pulling different excuses out of your ass.

  4. CallMeBoiWonder

    “La, la, la, this isn’t happening. I’m just going to keep on filing these files! Filing files! That’s what I love to do!”

    This why Lisa is the coolest gossip blogger on earth. <3

  5. isaidit

    It was only a matter of time before the race card was played.

  6. Fifi

    Isaiah needs to shut the F*ck up before his career is completely done for… if it already isn’t.

  7. Loob

    I love how HE was the one who actually answered the comment and turned it into a race thing.
    I wish the HR person had said: “No, it’s because you’re a crazy angry freak. People tend to feel nervous around that.”

  8. This was a great post Lisa. Made me lol for real. Keep up the good work. :-)


  9. ak

    “…because I’m a 6-foot-1, black man with dark skin and who doesn’t go around saying ‘Yessah, massa sir’ and ‘No sir, massa’ to everyone….” What year is it in Isaiah world? 1930?

    In the real world, I’m guessing no one has ever been afraid of Isaiah. Because despite being enormously tall (6’1″–he must TOWER over everyone!) and extra dark, he’s really just another whiny, asinine actor who equates a perpetual just-smelled-a-fart expression with gravitas. He could get his ass handed to him by your average seven-year-old.

  10. Rob

    He’s got to play whatever cards he can. Otherwise no one will pay any more attention to him.

    He’s like all the other celebritards out there, if you can’t get your name in the headlines for being a good actor or actress, then you gotta do whatever you can.

    To me, the more he spouts off, the more like an idiot he sounds. Sadly, to others, the more he spouts off the more sympathy he gets.


  11. Rodney Lester

    I really don’t like this guy. When will he take the advise of Bill Cosby and realize that you cannot continue to blame the white man for everything. His firing had nothing to do with the color of his skin. There are two other very important black people on that show, there is a very important chineze woman on that show and there is a great hispanic woman on that show. Race had nothing to do with it. Its his attitude…nothing more…nothing less.

  12. startingsomething

    I think IW is exactly right in his claims. I also think it was a bunch of crap that he had to go to a rehab after making the “faggot” remarks that he made. He was TOTALLY wrong in making any kind of remarks like he did but so was Mel Gibson, Michael Richards and the rest of the world that makes racist, sexist, homophobic remarks…but those people weren’t sent to any kind of rehab. I’m sure IW has had his share of racial names and remarks thrown his way and he’s had to suck it up. But to be sent to rehab and then lose his job too? That’s some crap!

  13. NotAgain

    In response to startingsomething. Didn’t your parent’s teach you that actions have consequences? You can’t use hate speech, and then say the consequence was race related. Remember Don Imus??? He apologized, and was fired right away. He didn’t even say anything remotely close to “faggot”. Nappy headed ho isn’t specific to blacks. I’m a nappy headed ho when I wake up in the morning. Blacks need to accept responsibility for their actions. PERIOD.

  14. sassy

    I like IW! It is and was unfair that he was fired. The decison was based on his race and unless you are black, you have no idea of the different forms of racism!! Many blacks on my job go around saying yess sir no sirr, in 2007 to keep the peace here in NYC. You people act as if there is no racism in every aspect of America. IW is a prime example. Imus was fired but, got more endorsements to do other things it is unbelievable.

  15. bdayguurl

    Dear Mr. Washington,

    Shut the fuck up!

    Every Other Black Person on the Planet.

  16. ginger

    Lisa, you rock.
    This douche needs to shut the F up.

  17. ginger

    oooh dbayguurl you said what everyone else is thinking.


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