Isaiah Washington Is Seriously Pissed

June 11th, 2007 // 14 Comments

When Isaiah Washington responded to his release from “Grey’s Anatomy” by releasing the statement, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.” TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello sat down to an interview with Washington’s rep, Howard Bragman, who indicated that the actor is, in fact, angry.

“If they wanted to fire him,” Bragman asks, “why didn’t they fire him when [the incident] happened? Why did they say, ‘Here’s what you need to do if you want to come back… ‘ and then, when he did everything that was asked of him, he still gets fired. Why do you treat somebody like that?”

Bragman also said that Washington’s frustration stems from the fact he believes that he took all the necessary steps to rectify the situation, but was still let go and has not yet decided if he plans on taking legal action. I guess we should be happy that he’s releasing statements and not punching people. Yet.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. silvarga

    “Here’s what you need to do if you want to come back”? So basically he was never even slightly remorseful for what happened, he just basically wanted to keep his job? I take it the rehab was not just for the F-bomb but for the punching thing too?

    Hmmm. Well, you know. Russell Crowe has already got the market cornered on that particular brand of arrogant, violent asshole so I fail to see why we’d need another one for the small screen.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

  2. Jade

    Unfortunately for Isaiah, Asshole Syndrome is not treatable. Had he actually acted like he was remorseful then he probably wouldn’t have gotten fired.

  3. Big RY

    Get em’ Isaiah.Don’t let these faggots get in your way.

  4. Otto

    Very nice ‘Big RY’, you probably meant to type ‘Big KY’ instead. “Don’t let these faggots get in your way”, no need to worry Big KY, we’ll also be ‘behind’ you just in case you like it that way.

  5. Annoyed

    I can see why he would be mad because he really didn’t want to do all that crap in the first place and they told him he would be okay as long as he did all that stuff. If he really isn’t sorry (and no one can know that but him) then it’s karma, but if he really is sorry it’s kind of messed up that they would do him like that. At the same time, if the cast and crew have an issue with him that could affect their performances (yeah, that sounds lame and unprofessional to me too, we all work with people we can’t stand) then the producers of course will do what’s best for the show. Anyway, he needs to get over it, they played him for a sap but he brought it on himself.

  6. Otto

    The fact is he offended/pissed off most-if not all on the cast. Please remember, not only because of his homophobic slurs, but also because of his otherwise lack of ‘personality’. The other two African-Americans on the cast have also spoken publicly about his crassness and ‘lack of professionalism’-their words-not mine on the set. The simple reason that it took until now to get rid of him is simple-CONTRACT. It wasn’t up until the season was over. He was not -re-signed, that simple.

  7. NJ

    While I think what he said to his co-star was pretty douchebaggy, and I have no idea what kind of a person he really is, I do think he has a legitimate beef, here.

    Also, as a fan of the show, this sucks. Burke is a great character, and it just won’t be the same without him around.

    It’s too bad.

  8. Otto

    NJ-What is his “legitimate beef”?

  9. Otto

    As you said-what he said is pretty ‘douchebag. Then he goes on and offends everyone in the Country by repeating it. Then everyone on the set says he is an ass. Now that he is fired he starts crying about how ‘he won’t take it’. Funny he would say that. In the early days during Stonewall, we would chant, ‘We are mad as hell, and will not take this anymore’. Coincidence? Not sure.

  10. NJ

    I can see why he’s ticked off. He did do everything that was asked of him. Who knows how he really felt about having to do all of it and who cares. That point is moot.

    I work with a lot of ass holes that say assholey things all of the time and have never had to apologize for saying them privately much less publicly. I mean, the financial industry wouldn’t even exist if it was enough to fire someone just for being an asshole.

    The world is full of assholes.

    They still have jobs.

    I’m just disappointed because I could care less about his off-camera antics, or about any of this. It sucks that they chose not to renew his contract, Burke is a great character and a huge part of the show. It’s going to blow without him.

  11. Carla D. Haskins

    Wow. I hope that this brotha’s got investments, savings, a business plan…..or SOMETHING!

    It’s highly doubtful if we’ll see him on any screen again, t.v. or otherwise.

    Yeah, he was wrong, very wrong. I can’t back him on that one. But, he was so nice to look at (my opinion) and I can’t stand Dempsey.


  12. silvarga

    I agree Carla, I think he has a very proud, aristocratic look.

    I feel that instead of worrying about/putting down his co-stars and their popularity on the small screen, he should’ve been calm cool and collected, focused on the longevity of his own career. I used to think that the show coupled with his whole theater background would lead him to the big screen in roles fit for Poitier or Denzel. Some people on the show are in their last round of their 15 minutes, some on their first. Getting “respect” from people on a show that will be forgotten by 2012 should have been far less a priority than getting major Hollywood roles.

  13. Loob

    *Eyeroll* Oh booohoo, Isaiah.
    Dry your eyes, Princess.

  14. Jen

    What ya’ll don’t seem to understand is that he not only said something that was completely inappropriate, but he also assaulted Dempsey. Everyone KNOWS that the only reason the show asked him to go to the ‘rehab’ was to he could come back THEN, to finish the season. They were planning to get rid of him at the end of the season, when they contractually were able to. I don’t care about the assholes ya’ll work with, its nothing compared to the way this guy treated his co-workers. ANYONE who does this in the ‘real world’ would be fired.

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