Isaiah Washington Blames The Victim

June 21st, 2007 // 11 Comments


Isaiah Washington’s still going on and on about his firing. Yeah, getting fired sucks and you did do everything they said to make up for it. But you shouldn’t have been a dumbass (squared) in the first place. Now go find another job. You make people uneasy, and you seem like a loon. Anyway, “seems like” has been replaced with “is” since he says that T.R. Knight should have been fired instead of him. What the hell did T.R. do? Whining and carrying an imaginary cross around on your back isn’t grounds for firing!

“They fired the wrong guy,” says Isaiah Washington.

Washington, 43, who was let go on June 7, has been slammed with negative publicity since October, when he uttered an anti-gay slur during an on-set disagreement with costar Patrick Dempsey.

In a telephone interview with the Houston Chronicle, Washington claims that it was Knight who propagated the idea that the slur was targeted at him and created a negative work environment.

More on what Isaiah Washington had to say, plus what J. has to say about the whole thing after the jump.

Washington also told the Chronicle that he believes Knight, 34, likely wanted a salary increase and a more substantive role for his character.

Washington also went on to say that he and McCreamy or whatever they call him had shaken hands and everything was resolved. And that he made a mistake thinking the cast was “family” and that he could express himself with them and then resolve issues. For future reference, as a homosexual – I don’t take people calling me “faggot” as a form of expression. Usually, it’s grounds for me to punch someone square in the nuts. Unless I was famous and could go on “Ellen” and talk about it. Cuz’, that’s preferable and who doesn’t like Ellen? Except for when she wears things like that Little Dutch Boy tie she wore to the Daytime Emmys. That was wrong.

By J. Harvey

  1. IheartTR

    Who handles his PR, Hitler?

    Obviously, whatever they told him to do wasn’t enough. I’m sure they had a nice long talk with him about his attitude. THAT certainly hasn’t changed. Maybe he actually hasn’t done everything they asked him to do.

    He just needs to go away… stop bitching, moaning, and blaming.

  2. Jade

    OH jesus freaking christ. He needs to stfu already. Whining and bitching and moaning does nothing for anyone’s career…he’s acting like Paris (except, minus the career).

  3. Cheesy

    Uh, I’d think that Isaiah as a working actor would know that there’s a big difference between getting “fired” and not having your contract renewed.

    Fired would have be yanking his homophobic ass off the air the second the words escaped his obnoxious lips.

    Not being renewed means deciding we don’t want to see his homophobic ass ever again.

  4. Loob

    Wow. He is completely demented. I think it’s probably safer for everyone there that he’s gone.

    So he’s saying he can chant the word faggot if he likes, but if he is isn’t aiming it *AT* T.R., then it can’t hurt him?
    Is Isaiah accustomed to having people yell racial slurs and then add: “but not YOU, man”. And that would be okay with him? What a crock! He’s obviously both stupid and a liar. You know who he should hook up with. Paris.

  5. Zekers

    Yeah, well if he hadn’t said it in the first place…grow up Mr. Washington! He might have had a shot at rescuing his career if he had only shut his mouth and put the onus on himself…

  6. No Loob I think he’s saying something that I didn’t know. I assumed all through this mess that Washington had called Knight a faggot. I thought the fight with the other cast member was a different incident, and that here’s a “bad apple” in Washington who’s fighting with different co-workers in multiple cases.

    So now I’m reading two guys get angry enough to throw blows, actual punches, not just mean words but angry fists at each other. Someone else overhears their fight, gets upset, and milks it for all its worth.

  7. Zekers

    mcsey if that is true then why didn’t the other cast members, including the one Washington claims was the actual victim of his slur, step forward in his defense?

  8. chris

    Really, it’s sad more than anything, that someone can be as ignorant as he appears to be….

  9. dezboy

    Actually mcsey what he yelled (as has been reported EVERYWHERE) was “I’m not your little faggot like TR”. So yes, in fact, he was calling TR a faggot and that is, in fact, what the problem was and has always been.

  10. Vince

    T.R.s’ fault?! What the hell?! Suck it up. You started this whole mess! You are an angry person. Go back to rehab!!!!

  11. susan

    I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but T.R. Knight may not be as innocent as everyone thinks.

    I know it was a while ago, but knowing that people’s basic character traits don’t change too much from their 20s to their 30s (unless hit on the head with a crane or faced with some miraculous life changing experience), I will share a few little T.R. Knight college stories with you.

    I went to the University Of St. Thomas with T.R., and worked with him on 2 stage productions, The Importance Of Being Earnest and Camelot. Both times, he had been beaten out of parts that he had wanted to play (Algernon in The Importance Of Being Earnest, and Mordred in Camelot). To compensate for the fact that he was given smaller roles (which were in no way less important – he played Lane, the Butler and Merlin, the Magician), he’d walk across stage during scenes he wasn’t in. This would get tremendous laughs from the audience, but it was always at the expense of other actors’ dialogue. Much to the dismay of his Importance Of Being Earnest castmates, T.R.’s unrehearsed bits would eventually become permanent fixtures of the show once he kept repeating them, and the director saw they were generating laughs from the audience, albeit cheap ones. (Lord knows that Oscar Wilde wrote his script, not to amuse with witty dialogue and/or clever situational comedy, but for a 20 year old college kid in old man’s make-up to walk around carrying a tray to and fro…and to and fro…as if he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease or giving a poor man’s imitation of Tim Conway.) My favorite T.R. Knight moment came when I heard him tell another actor (the one who had won the role of Algernon) that he didn’t enunciate very well and was hard to understand on stage. He made this negative comment while waiting in the wings just seconds before the poor guy had to walk out on stage! Talk about a confidence boost! That other actor was actually very funny and had a flawless British accent which was tailor made for Oscar Wilde’s British farce (T.R., on the other hand, could not muster up a very believable British accent at that time, which may have been part of the reason he did not get a leading role.). I couldn’t help thinking then that T.R. said what he did just to make the other actor feel uncomfortable, and out of spite for landing the role T.R. had originally wanted. It certainly wasn’t constructive criticism being said when it was, and everybody who’s ever worked in theatre knows it’s the director’s job (and NOBODY else’s) to give “notes” to an actor. As for his Merlin, well, let’s just say T.R. was none too pleased when the director of Camelot told him she didn’t want Merlin to act “old” like his previous Lane, the Butler had. He later voiced comments about Mordred having a better costume than Merlin (Mordred, ironically, was played by the same actor T.R. had said didn’t enunciate as Algernon!).
    There just may be some truth, therefore, to the story about T.R. putting down other actors and wanting more screen time on Grey’s Anatomy. He’s definitely done it in the past. Who’s to say with certainty that he doesn’t do it today? (He certainly still tries to steal scenes and upstage other actors. Ever notice how he constantly moves around and/or twitches nervously when on screen during other actor’s scenes, drawing your eye toward his movements? That’s the kind of inappropriate actor’s trick he’s been pulling for the last 15 years!)

    A lot of people who watch him think he is very funny and cute in a dopey kind of way because of his onscreen quirks. I know quite a few people in the business who wouldn’t trust him with a ten foot pole on stage or screen due to those same so-called “quirks”, which are really scene stealing tactics, and due to negative comments he has mades about fellow actors. While I will admit that I can honestly only relate this to the 2 college shows I’ve mentioned above, still…2 for 2 is a perfect record. Add in the fact that T.R. was also a child actor (he played Tiny Tim at the Guthrie), and one can see that it’s often hard for those pushed onto the stage at an early age, and who received a lot of attention as children, to come to grips with the fact that it’s okay for others to get laughs, applause, and attention too. As far as his comment about being sick and tired of being discriminated against in Hollywood due to his sexual preferences, I can only say one thing. Wake up! Look in the mirror! You’ve landed a recurring part on a hit television show and are being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per episode to spout off handfuls of lines that someone else has written for you. If that’s discrimination, then I know quite a few people who’d love to be on the receiving end of it! It’s often very hard for viewers to distinguish between actors and the characters they play. There are a lot of jerks that act the parts of loveable characters. There are also a lot of very nice people who play terrific jerks. T.R. was not a very nice person in college. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he still is no Mr. Nice Guy today.

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