Is There Any Portion Of These People’s Lives That Hasn’t Been Recorded?

July 19th, 2007 // 13 Comments

Becks is following in the high heels of his wifey and getting his own show. It’s going to be a 13 week reality series called “David Beckham’s Soccer USA”. *zzzzzzz* Huh, wha? It’s brought to you by the producers of American Idol and hopefully features some shower footage from the lockeroom.

The 13-part weekly reality series David Beckham’s Soccer USA, from American Idol producer Simon Fuller, will premiere next Wednesday on the FOX Soccer Channel.

“David Beckham’s arrival is a tremendous milestone in U.S. soccer history,” said FOX rep David Sternberg. “[The series] will provide an insider’s look at his performance with the Los Angeles Galaxy.”

Beckham is currently tending to an ankle injury, so his debut on the field this Saturday is still in question. Who in the hell cares about soccer in this country besides some high school students and immigrants? Jesus Christ, if people in baseball were that pretty they’d have their own reality shows and superstar fashion twig wives, too. How come Jason Varitek doesn’t have his own show?


More photos of David and Victoria Beckham are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. tammyv

    I for one can’t wait for this!! Yay…I am so glad that they are going to run it

  2. tammyv

    I for one can’t wait for this!! Yay…I am so glad that they are going to run it

  3. stolidog

    for one, or two.

  4. id watch it if i got the channel b ut they always show random teams i did not see on manchester united or real madrid or ac milan on their or chelsea or dynamo kiev so to go out and get channel ill pass youtube anyone

  5. amused

    Well, considering the fact that the U.S. is becoming more and more an immigrant-majority country (not to mention all of your friends whose folks or grandfolks are immigrants), it’s quite safe to say that there’s a huge soccer fan base in the good ‘ol U S of A. And it’s only growing.

    So wake up and look around at what you’re living in. (unless you’re in some farming hole in ye olde quaker land, then at least you’d have an excuse for such an ignorant comment).

  6. Kristi

    cause Varitek is a douche..

  7. Krystyn

    cause varitek has class

  8. Diana

    lol Krystyn

    David is lookin’ a little fruity in that jacket.

  9. Damn you David!
    I don’t get that channel!
    No one dose, i didn’t even know fox had a soccer channel.

  10. BK

    Make them go away. Why are these puds being forced on us?

  11. isaidt

    I watched her show and I think she is very funny. Conceited, arrogant, and all about herself, but funny nonetheless.

  12. crystal

    I’m a huge MLS and EPL fan…and I don’t play the game, I’m not an ‘immigrant’ or ‘high school student’. Just a fan of the game, like any other sport’s fan. It’s a great sport…plus soccer is the largest growing sport in the U.S. in terms of children’s leagues, particularly with females. The popularity will continue to grow with the kids who keep playing the parents who watch.

  13. Sam

    I used to be really annoyed by this couple and all of the hoopla surrounded their arrival in America but then I read somewhere that she basically called Paris a stupid whore that she wouldn’t be caught dead with. Plus she says funny things like “miserable cow” and “knickers”. These things are making her more endearing by the minute. Oh, and having her husband cover her crotch while she got out of the car so the paparazzi couldn’t get a shot?? PRICELESS!! These two are growing on me…and he could do some other things to me if he wanted to.

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