Is There Any Portion Of These People’s Lives That Hasn’t Been Recorded?

Becks is following in the high heels of his wifey and getting his own show. It’s going to be a 13 week reality series called “David Beckham’s Soccer USA”. *zzzzzzz* Huh, wha? It’s brought to you by the producers of American Idol and hopefully features some shower footage from the lockeroom.

The 13-part weekly reality series David Beckham’s Soccer USA, from American Idol producer Simon Fuller, will premiere next Wednesday on the FOX Soccer Channel.

“David Beckham’s arrival is a tremendous milestone in U.S. soccer history,” said FOX rep David Sternberg. “[The series] will provide an insider’s look at his performance with the Los Angeles Galaxy.”

Beckham is currently tending to an ankle injury, so his debut on the field this Saturday is still in question. Who in the hell cares about soccer in this country besides some high school students and immigrants? Jesus Christ, if people in baseball were that pretty they’d have their own reality shows and superstar fashion twig wives, too. How come Jason Varitek doesn’t have his own show?


More photos of David and Victoria Beckham are after the jump.