Is There An Emmy In Jon Hamm’s Future?

According to Boston Globe’s Joanna Weiss and Matthew Gilbert
Jon Hamm (Don Draper) is Mad Men’s front runner, beating out January Jones (Betty Draper) and John Slattery (Roger Sterling) for an Emmy this season.

Both critics agree January Jones acting is sub par and while John Slattery is “great,” nothing could compare to Jon Hamm and Don Draper’s story line.

I can’t imagine picking between these three actors, each is amazing. Jones is beautiful and plays Betty spot on- I love everything about her. Hamm is dreamy and he is the only one that can make Don Draper loveable. And I can’t cut John Slattery out of the running; I’ve had a crush on him since he played Bill Kelley, the politician, on Sex and the City. Decisions, decisions!

But what about Elisabeth Moss aka Peggy Olson? She’s amazing too! It’s so hard to choose!

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