Is The Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown Marriage Over?

January 19th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Wouldn’t it be just plain sad if he left her? Well, let’s hope that Whitney made the move, and will be heading back to rehab for an extensive stay in a rehab facility.

Brown, 36, is said to have revealed the end of the stormy 14-year marriage backstage at a concert in Connecticut.

The singer, who shot to fame as a teenager with the group New Edition but has been more famous for his run-ins with the law lately, was chatting up a number of women, a witness said. The witness added that when they asked about Houston, who has been battling drug addiction, he replied: “We ain’t together no more. We’re getting a divorce.’”

Whitney Marriage ‘Is Over’ [Daily Record]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. King Smart Ian

    Double negatives make my head hurt.

  2. doofus

    this rumor has already been dispelled by Bobby himself, in some radio show interview (done this morning, I think).

    but knowing Bobby’s sick sense of humor, I’d bet he really did say that about getting divorced, but was joking.

  3. ger

    I think the bigger shock is that he’s still putting on concerts.

  4. LuvChoo

    Please Whitney, let him divorce you. Then take your sorry black crack butt to the nearest rehab and check yourself in. For a lllooooonnnnngggg time. You’re nasty. You’re cracky. You’re a waste of air right now. Remember Bodyguard. Remember the Preacher’s wife. For god’s sake, remember what it was like to be a beautiful star with a booming choir voice and a kind and gentle heart that complimented you. And if you can’t remember, then you’re lost. Forever.

  5. bestdress

    I prayed that they would get better together but I think this will be good for Whitney.

  6. For her sake, I wish it were true that the marriage is over. But something tells me he just said those things in an effort to get laid.

  7. Something isn’t right.. He stated that she would be at the concert he did but now he is saying that she didnt cause she had a dentist appointment.. It’s an appointment you know when it is and also his concert is at night… He is the only one speaking.. Whitneys publicist had no comment and her lawyer said that Whtiney didnt want to comment on the matter as of now.. If everything was ok she would have denied it as she has done in the past.. Yet she is laying low and no one in her camp is speaking about this.. She just might not say anything and if she files she will let that speak for itself.

  8. It is so stereotypical and ignorant for one to assume that a Black person who has an addiction always has to be on crack. Gee Wiz.

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