Is Sienna Miller Still Doing Jude?

November 2nd, 2005 // 7 Comments

Sienna Miller has been spotted leaving Jude Law‘s home. I’m sure she was just picking up her porn from his place. Or maybe, she was there to diffuse the rumors the she slept with Leonardo DiCaprio while the she was engaged to Jude.

Leo and Sienna apparently got together recently in New York or Los Angeles, depending on which version of this story you want to believe (I want to believe all of them!) As for Leo, he is still known for hanging out with an entourage reminiscent of the TV show one. He’s also still involved with a rock group often known as Leroi, an offshoot of Jamiroquai.

Friends say Leo and Leroi’s leader, Stuart Zender, are still quite close (I mean, friends, nothing more, don’t be ridiculous). Stuart is pretty much wherever Leo is, though, and Leo got his manager Rick Yorn, of The Firm, to take them on. The result: a multi-million deal with Geffen Records.

But I have heard for some time that Gisele was tired of sharing Leo with all the people who are constantly in his Beverly Hills home.
Right now, Sienna — after somehow performing on stage in London every night while the whole Jude/Daisy scandal was raging — is waiting to see where her movie, “Factory Girl,” will be shot. Much of it had been scheduled for New Orleans. There’s an irony, since Jude’s affair with Daisy took place in New Orleans while he was shooting “All the King’s Men.”

Looks like someone needed to have a list of her own commandments to abide by.

Leo and Sienna: It’s The Rumor Du Jour [FOX411]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. dottcomm1

    is it just me, or does she look pregnant in the first picture?

  2. k

    She looks like a bloody Droog. Get thee to a stylist girl!

  3. caro

    I think its safe to say that no matter who she’s sleeping with, she looks ridiculous.

    PS That hat needs to go.

    PPS when will celebs realize that this is NOT the early 90s and leggings are SO NOT COOL!!

  4. Erica

    OMG! The Post just reported that Leo and Gisele broke up because of another women. How does the Post get such good info??

  5. Cheesy

    Annie Hall meets Charlie Chaplin.

  6. Silasdog

    She is ridiculous. Really.


    Why does sienna with all her money always look like a bum? or any celebrity for that matter.
    they put together the ugliest outfit and are dubbed “style icons”

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