Is She A Good Cop, Or A Bad Cop?

Ah, I see. Just a slutty cop. From the New York Post:

Paparazzi princess Paris Hilton shows she might actually have some imagination by showing off an ingenious Halloween costume as LAPD cop “Officer Naughty” outside her Beverly Hills home. The blond bubblehead mocked her recent DWI run-in with the law (inset) and strutted out wearing a busty, blue police outfit, complete with a holster on her tiny hips and a “Naughty” name tag.

Personally, Paris Hilton would be able to single-handedly win me over with the simple act of dressing up like Matt Lauer for Halloween, in retaliation against his drag impression of her. Even if it means she’d go as “Sexy” Matt Lauer, which I’m sure Paris would interpret to mean wearing assless, crotchless pants and pasties just barely concealing her nipples.

Written by Lisa Timmons