Is Sandra Bullock Pregnant?

May 26th, 2006 // 13 Comments

She’s doing her best at possibly hiding a bump. The loose top and the pashmina. It’s looking like there is a bulge.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. grace

    Ah yes, the old pashmina-in-front-of-the-pregnancy-bump trick. She’s pregnant.

  2. versacefiend

    have i had too much bad summer fashion already or does she look really cute here?

  3. C

    Sandra is one of those women who looks gorgeous with minimal to no makeup. I’m not buying the story until its more obvious. Carrying something in front of the belly does not mean she’s pregnant. Check the asian girl’s face in the background of pic #3. LOL!

  4. Small Fry

    Didn’t we just see pics of her about three days ago on here with a totally flat tummy? I don’t think she’s preggers or if she is it’s still very early on in the pregnancy. I recall a month or so back she said something in response to the pregnancy rumors about just gaining some post-wedding weight.

  5. kikichanelconspiracy

    “have i had too much bad summer fashion already or does she look really cute here?”

    No. I think her outfit’s pretty cute. Effortlessly casual. I also love her gold flats.

  6. Kris

    Seen one Sandra movie, you’ve seen them all.
    She’s one of the most over-rated actresses there is and I. don’t. care. if. she’s. pregnant. or. not.

    next >

  7. In The Know

    She is pregnant. For sure. I know she is b/c I have a friend in Austin that is a cousin of her husband and he said that she is pregnant and due in November. They are waiting to break the news to the press until she is through with her 1st trimester. It’s a fack, Jack.

  8. Tasha

    In the know:

    Well…my sisters friends stepbrothers great-aunts twice-removed mother-in-law has a pet parrot who knows Sandra and informs me that she definitely not pregnant. So there.

  9. Mary

    she’s def. preggo. Good for her at her age! Love it! I’m 35, and hope I can do the same!

  10. Syvyn11


    I hope it’s a bit of fat. The thought of that scumbag Jesse James sperminating Sandra is enought to make me puke!



  11. Lovey Dovey

    Sandra and Jesse love each other, so who cares what he looks like? She dated a number of men, and none of them made her want to say, “I do.” Then Jesse James came along and she changed her mind. He must have something.

  12. stephanie

    look at her body language, she wants him away from her , yup the deed is done

  13. joi

    why not?! it’s ok if she’s pregnant, at her age she should be pregnant anyway. she’s gorgeous and i think she has good genes to produce. i’m excited to see her baby pix!

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