Is Rihanna A Fan Of Orlando Magic’s Rashard Lewis?

To distract herself from her upcoming court date, pop singer Rihanna has been staying busy attending the NBA finals. And although she’s been sitting on the Lakers side, rumor has it that she’s actually looking to catch the eye of Orlando Magic forward Rashard Lewis.

A spy tells the New York Daily News, “Rihanna is trying to get to know Rashard. She’s digging on him, and she hopes the feeling is mutual.”

Prior to that, reports circulated that Ri-Ri was into Lakers center Andrew Bynum. However, the source claims, “Ri and Andrew are just friends, and they have been for a while. It’s Rashard who she wants. She thinks he’s hotter than hot.”

Meanwhile, during Game 4 of the NBA finals in Orlando, it was her ex, Chris Brown, working the hardest to get Rihanna’s attention. Sitting on the Orlando side of the court, Brown kept stealing looks at his former flame. He even got up and shook hands with her friends at halftime, but Rihanna avoided making her way back to her seat during the break until the last minute.

Sounds like this interchange was probably just as enthralling as what was taking place on the court.

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