Is Rehab The New Black?

…or just the new “exhaustion?”

With Britney falling asleep (or passing out, we’re not sure…) at a New Year’s Eve bash, buzz has started that the newly single-and-loving-it pop tartlet might be checking herself into rehab. From MSBNC:

Spears quietly checked into Sanctuary, a spa in Arizona, on New Year’s Day, according to Life & Style weekly. “With these celebrities, ‘exhaustion’ sometimes means something else and a little rest at a spa sometimes actually translates into something a little more serious,” says a source.

If there’s a rehab that treats the issues of bad weave and pantiless romps through Hollywood, then yes, Animal, sign your ass up. Just don’t get too boring on us. An occasional picture of you nearly dropping one of your babies would be appreciated. Thanks.

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