Is Nicole Preggers?

November 27th, 2006 // 2 Comments

As silly as it may seem to perpetuate any new rumor that Nicole Kidman may be pregnant, what would we do if this were the one time it were actually true? Hmm? Exactly. So, clinging to that shred, we bring to you the latest from The Mirror:

The Aussie, who wed country singer Keith Urban six months ago, proudly showed off her bump this weekend. She is expected to make an official announcement shortly. A source said: “Miss Kidman certainly isn’t hiding the changes in her body now and seems to be very comfortable with them. Any woman seeing her now up close can’t help but notice she is a mum-to-be.” Nicole has been staying at the Dorchester Hotel in London while filming Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass at Shepperton Studios. The insider said: “She has been staying there on and off for a while. When she was first there a few weeks ago, she was more active in terms of exercise…This time, though, she is taking it easy and just has gentler treatments more in keeping with her new condition.”

It’s like we’re in a dysfunctional relationship with these mysterious “sources,” who keep stringing us along but really, it’s our own fault, because we can’t stop putting out for them just in case they really do mean it when they say they would never lie to us.

EXCLUSIVE: LITTLE KIDDIE | Nicole set to have her own baby in the Spring [The Mirror]

By Lisa Timmons

  1. paleface

    Her boobs looks pretty big for her. It *might* be true.

  2. so, if nicole is preggers, why didn’t she have children with tom cruise? wasn’t the deal that one of them couldn’t have kids? and if tom’s able to have a child with katie holmes…….does this mean that tommie was gay and katie holmes was impregnated by aliens? or does it mean that nicole simply didn’t want to have children with tom, although they were together for 10 years???

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