Is More Trouble Brewing For Whitney Houston?

A supposed friend of Whitney Houston’s family wrote to the Wendy Williams (so take this with a grain of salt) radio show with some news:

Anyway, the ‘friend’ says that Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mother, is ready to file for custody of 12 year old Bobbie Kristina, she is so convinced that her parents are unable to provide proper care. Cissy is apparently the person who petioned the court to get Whitney back in rehab.

The house is said to not be the proper environment for a child. Whitney’s addiction is rumored to be not only cocaine, as previously reported, but also crystal meth as well. Whitney was not present at Bobbie Kristina’s recent birthday party, leading to even more questions and rumors. Hopefully the situation will be resolved.

Not the crystal girl.

Whitney and Bobby to lose custody of daughter? [Celebrity Baby Blog]