Is Miley Cyrus Giving Up The Music Business?

That’s what it sure is sounding like, but I have a feeling when she crunches the numbers, I’m guessing she’s going to stick with the music business for a while.

Miley Cyrus recently revealed on The View that she’s become a bit disheartened because “the music industry isn’t as positive as I’d like it to be.”

She kept that same attitude at the premiere of The Last Song when asked about her career. “I’ve got a record coming out in June and then I’m done,” she said. “I just want to work in movies. That’s what I like and that’s what I want to be doing.”

If the movie thing doesn’t work out, she could also work in personal security. While Miley and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth were riding their bikes to the 7-11 in Toluca Lake, as seen in the photos, Miley gave a paparazzo a piece of her mind while Liam kept to himself in the background.

I guess we know who wears the pants (albeit ripped up pants) in the relationship.