Is Lindsay Lohan A Hoarder?

February 4th, 2010 // 2 Comments

With all the almost daily paparazzi shots of Lindsay Lohan shopping, ever wonder where all that stuff goes? Well, even with the robbery , most of it’s piled up in her closet..her bedroom…and her living room. In an interview that will air on The Insider today (watch the teaser after the jump), the cameras go into Lohan’s home where boxes of shoes and racks of clothes lead you to believe there’s about to be an Oprah intervention.

“I just need to get rid of…stuff” says the Mean Girls Actress. Lindsay, I am here to help. Just give me one hour, a Uhaul and a month of anorexia.

The interview will also asks questions about her relationship with her tape-sharing dad, and The Insider suggests there may be connection between the estrangement and the coping mechanism of hoarding. 

Or maybe she is working out her daddy issues on strange men.  On January 4th, these pictures surfaced of Lohan and little sister Ali Lohan making tearful phone calls on their yacht in St. Bart’s.  The speculation for the drama was that Lindsay allegedly punched out a creepy guy that was hitting on 16 year old Ali. It was the day of friend Casey Johnson‘s death, so that too could have caused the crying.  Whatever it was the alcohol seemed to cause the recovery.

By Madison Ventura

  1. simone

    Hoarding may just be the #1 red flag of a TWEEEEEKEEERRRRRR.

  2. Lame

    If she was REALLY serious about getting help she’d stop trying to get press, take herself into rehab and extensive psychotherapy.
    Punched a guy for coming on to her 16year old sister? One remedy to that is stop having her look like a 22 year old prostitute.
    For all those “progressive” parents who wants to be “friends” with their kids: this is what the kids turn out to be.

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