Is Lance Bass Dating Marc Jacobs’ Ex? Mayhaps

July 27th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Apparently Lance Bass is getting a healthy serving of sloppy seconds courtesy Marc Jacobs.

Recently Bass and Lorenzo Martone met shortly after Martone starting dating Jacobs back in 2008, but recently Martone and Jacobs announced that they had split (whereas before they were talking of getting married, so it was kinda abrupt).

But apparently ‘sources’ (and thank god for them) are saying that this relationship isn’t that serious and that Martone is making more out of it than Bass.

The source also pointed out that Bass, 31, prefers to date guys who are (and I quote) ‘younger and prettier’ than Martone.

Um, can people be prettier than Martone? Seriously, he’s a hunk.

Spokespersons for both declined to comment on their private lives.

By Justin Thompson

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