Is Katie Holmes Feeling Down?

January 19th, 2006 // 13 Comments

She’s not looking too upset in these photos, however, a Defamer reader saw another side of Katie at Peet’s Coffee.

She was wearing a nasty ugly purple Juicy Couture sweatsuit (man, isn’t that over yet?) and she looked depressed and frankly, awful – also, quite big with the Cruise fetus. No handlers to be seen. As far as I could monitor, she was chock full of thetans.

I know “having sympathy” for celebrities is out…but I truly felt sorry for her. She looked depressed and a little trapped.

Maybe she’ll be able to escape once she gives birth to the little alien.

More photos of TomKat after the jump.

Hollywood Privacywatch Special Edition: Sympathy For The Fiance [Defamer]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. DB

    OMG. They match.

  2. Katie (not Holmes)

    They ALWAYS match. I was just going to post how if he wears a brown leather jacket, she has one one too. Shearling, shearling, all black outfit, all black outfit. It’s so contrived. I can see him being excited (having a biological kid with some random actress) but I can’t imagine how she’s benefitting from this – career is now in the toilet and he’s gay.

  3. Fugly Girl

    I actually feel sorry for her that she has to sit through five soccer games every Saturday in one of those uncomfortable camping chairs. Your Tom Cruise! Get the girl an f-ing lazy boy or some crap! You can hire some “followers” to carry the damn thing onto the sideline each week.

    I still proudly sport my “Run Katie Run” t-shirt hoping that after she pops this mini Tom out that she’ll run for her dear life.

    Have you noticed lately that we haven’t heard much about her and scientology?

  4. Maia

    Of course she looks miserable she’s about to give birth! Show me any happy looking woman who is past 7 months pregnant. It’s a depressing time man and you get to the point where the only thing that does fit is a juicy tracksuit. (Although to be honest I was too much of a whale to fit in one while pregnant)

  5. jgo

    It seems to me that she’s always hiding her pregnancy. So many moms are able to quite beautifully show off their bumps and hers is always covered. I wonder if she’s shy…or unhappy…you take your pick. Either way, this thing is a trainwreck in motion.

  6. doofus

    to be fair, Maia, I’ve seen PLENTY of women who look happy beyond their 7th month.

    in fact, I’d go so far as to say they looked MORE than “happy”…they DO truly glow.

    I guess it depends on a lot of things…how much weight one gains, how many complications, how bat-shit crazy your baby daddy is…

  7. Gingou

    Katie looks, to me, oddly unhealthy and miserable and one can only hope that it has nothing to do with Scientology mores concerning medical practices and so forth. Maybe it is just regret.

  8. ihatecelebs

    Don’t feel sorry for Katie – this girl has zero self-esteem and doesn’t take one step ever to raise it to an acceptable level. Why do you think she put up with woman-hater/crap-actor Chris Klein for 5 ENTIRE YEARS? The girl obviously has no mind of her own and needs a man to fulfill her – ANY man, it seems. Good for her. She chose Tom Cruise, she can choose all the shit that goes with him. Stupid bitch…

  9. Fugly Girl

    JGO, you are right. I never noticed it until you pointed it out, but she does seem to wear rather “blousy” shirts when they are photographed. Not that I think you need to wear spandex, but at least be proud of your bump. Very odd.

    One more thing, can they not kiss for the camera? I’m really tired of that less than passionate kiss they have.

  10. z

    Of course she looks unhealthy. She is on the verge of toxic shock from vitamin overdose.

  11. netty

    She doesnt look preggo to me at all, Jolie looks bigger than her.

  12. starla

    I’m sick of seeing them suck face in every single photo they’re in. Give us a break! I’d rather seen pics of Brangelina kissing than these two freaks!

  13. starla

    Omg! I made a spelling boo boo! It has been too long of a day for me! Meant to say see instead of seen!

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