Is Katie Copying Posh Again?


Remember when Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham were practically fused at the hip? And they were walking around in outfits of similar color palettes and sporting similarly-shaped signature sunglasses? Well, we do and are desperately trying to make the correlation that these two are at it again, by comparing Katie’s new hair-cut to that of Victoria’s. Katie’s opted for a shorter, layered, side-swept do but is maintaining her brown mane, in contrast to Posh’s bottle-blonde.

Holmes, who also followed Beckham’s current penchant for animal print, arrived at the swanky restaurant Cuts in Beverly Hills for a romantic dinner with her husband Tom Cruise.

It’s not the first time Holmes has shadowed Beckham’s look – last year at Paris Fashion Week it was clear she’d taken notes from the former Spice Girls.

Ah, I remember those days. I could sure go for a little flashback montage right now of their friendship to the tune of “Thank You for Being a Friend.” Mostly because I’m bored and also because I just really like that song.

More photos of Katie Holmes and her new Posh inspired hairdo after the jump.