Is Kate Beckinsale’s Marriage In Trouble?

June 12th, 2006 // 15 Comments

It’s the tale of two houses. Reportedly Kate Beckinsale has moved out of her home that she shares with her husband, Len Wiseman, and has moved into a home just two miles away. No one is quite sure what prompted the move or why Len is still living in the couples original home.

A pal said: “They have barely seen each other in the past week even though they are living just ten minutes apart.

“Everybody is mystified but Kate seems happy.”

Kate in love split mystery [The Sun]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Sharon O.

    Don’t know who he is or what he does. Have seen him on this site with Kate. He is H-O-T! Can imagine the ladies (and boys) are all after him out on the West Coast.

    While Kate is beautiful, she has a needy look that makes me think that he kicked her ass to the curb. To bad, so sad.

    That’s Hollywood!

  2. Hollywood Insider

    I saw them at the Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica on Saturday and they looked quite happy together with their child. A very attractive, well-adjusted-looking family.

    That’s all for now from the Hollywood Insider.

  3. Michele

    Eventually ALL Hollywood marriages fall into some sort of hands of trouble … the poisonous venum of Hollywood spreads thinly … I’m sure she’ll have a boyfriend within a week of separation, as most of them do …

  4. las

    Ah, who knows? It’s probably just their turn to have lots of breakup rumors.

    And does Kate do ANYTHING but exercise? Every time we see her, she’s doing some kind of workout! Even when she doesn’t have nudie scenes.

  5. ok...

    If Hollywood Insider saw them this Saturday, perhaps they are just moving house? One’s settled in and one is not? Who knows…trying to be positive here…

  6. Small Fry

    I’ll take him if she doesn’t want him anymore.

  7. kato

    Actually, speaking of nudie scenes….

    I got my boyfriend a subscription to Playboy and the most current issue that just came in the mail has a pic inside of one her very early movies where she is topless.

  8. jen

    he directed the underworld movies. i think that’s how they met.

    if i was married, i would want to live in a separate house too (haha).

  9. Liz Smith

    Maybe he finally discovered how horribly boring she is.

    • Kirk DeMille

      I doubt very much that Kate is boring. Quite possibly he is unable to care for her the way she deserves,that is if they are having any trouble at all. Maybe just maybe everyone is jumping to conclusions and need to leave them alone. Either way, I’d sure like the chance to make her happy.

  10. ShoeSlut

    Oh, give the girl SOME credit… She doesn’t JUST exercise… Sometimes, she smokes, too.

  11. kate is great you just have to give her credit she is not a bad person at all! she did do a great job in underworld one and underworld two.

  12. James Lynch

    I have watched a lot of movies in my life as I am 55, don’t look my age and into staying up with trends and life. However, concerning Kate Beckinsale and Underworld it dawned on me that she would make a FANTASTIC Jane Bond. She could be James Bond’s secret sister working to rid the world of terror with help from the Britis and the US. She would be perfect for the part. The hard thing is to some way get this suggestion to Kate Beckinsale or her husband Len Wiseman. The story would be great and it would BOOST sales of both movies James Bond and Jane Bond. If possible it would be appreciated if someone could pass this suggestion to either of these Actors / Producers.
    Thanks for listening.
    James Lynch
    P.O. Box 141
    Keller, TX 76244

  13. spook13

    Hey kate beckinsales a hot cool mom and she has no time for wiseman she doesnt need him just her kids

  14. Sypha

    Every relationship is at some stage bound to have its ups and downs.They say no marriage is a normal marriage without the occassional exchange of at times harsh words.

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