Is Jona Hex(ed)???

Academy Award Nominee Josh Brolin can be impressive on-screen. The idea of Academy Award Nominee John Malkovich using his smarmy voice to torment his anti-hero, is delicious with anticipation. And throw MTV Best WTF Moment Winner, Megan Fox in the mix, and you have more than just the ‘Demon’s Mark’ to look at. 

I’ve heard about the movie once or twice before, but now, with the Bro-meister talking the movie up, I may have to amp my enthusiasm to a higher level.

Buuuut, and there is always a but involved when talking about Megan Fox’s acting chops, on the record, I have to state that I had to rewind and listen to dialogue 3-4 times each before I understood what puffy-mc-lippy was saying. If and this is a big if, this movie is going to succeed, then Mr. Brolin better pray that the rest of Megan’s stiff lip country accent is better than the few seconds we got in the movie trailer to convince our pallets not to regurgitate this wild western.