Is Jennifer Lopez Pregnant?

With Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani ready to give birth shortly, we are in dire need of someone to fill that void once they pop. So who better than Jennifer Lopez to move to the forefront and get knocked up. In Touch Weekly is set to publish a report that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant, which has not been confirmed. We’ll have to wait for bump photos to surface. Let’s look at some of the evidence that points towards pregnancy:

The magazine cites an insider that gives a bit of detective like evidence:

- “She always colors her hair. “But Jen said if she got pregnant, she’d be so grateful, she wouldn’t care about roots.”
– “She won’t touch a sip of alcohol — she even turned down a glass of her favorite Krug champagne at a recent dinner in New York,” explains one pal.
– On May 8, the star canceled her world tour without giving an explanation. But a friend says it’s not a surprise. “She said that whenever she got pregnant she was going to do nothing but focus on her health and the baby.”

That does it for me. Congratulations Jennifer and Skeletor (no, not Victoria Beckham, you know Jennifer’s husband, Marc Anthony).

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