Is Jacko Turning To Kabbalah?

Why, is Scientology scared of him?

The singer has been wearing the red string bracelet favored by followers of the trendy religion, and a Kabbalah insider tells the Scoop that Jackson has been dabbling in the mystical offshoot of Judaism, whose members include Madonna and Britney Spears.

“Jackson is friendly with Elizabeth Taylor who has studied Kabbalah, and it’s my understanding she got him interested in it,” says the source. “He’s been wearing the red string during the trial, like Winona Ryder did during her trial, because it wards off the evil eye. Looks like it worked.”

He may need the calming powers of the Kabbalah religion when the documents from his child molestation trial are unsealed.

The judge, who placed a tight lid of secrecy on evidence in the trial, said at a hearing earlier in the day that he intends to release virtually every sealed document and also ordered that authorities return the pop star’s passport.

Melville, who said he accomplished his goal of providing a fair trial to both sides, was still considering a request to release videos shown during the trial. He delayed the release of many items to give attorneys time to object to unsealing specific documents. He told lawyers to submit any requests to keep matters sealed by June 23.

“I have no intention to keep anything sealed except something that might involve privacy matters of a juror,” Melville said.

Well the trial did last quite a long time, so I suppose there is a lot to process. Photos of the penis perhaps? Let’s hope not.

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