Is It A Sign?

Not that I think this union might be fraught with difficulty, but I’m just saying maybe this union might be fraught with difficulty based on the fact that, I don’t know, they’re both recently recovered drug addicts. Pete Doherty looks like he may possibly have missed his own wedding to marry Kate Moss this past weekend. The New York Daily News reports:

Did supermodel-loving junkie Pete Doherty miss his own wedding Saturday? His girlfriend, Kate Moss, flew 14 close friends, including her brother Nick, to a resort in Bali last week, causing widespread speculation the couple was planning to get married. But Doherty was detained in London when a judge ruled that he must attend rehab to make bail for cocaine and heroin charges. Doherty pled guilty on Friday and will be confined to London’s Priory Clinic each night until sentencing. Despite the efforts of Moss and her lawyers to find a loophole, the Babyshambles’ lead singer won’t be making it to Indonesia.

Pete and Kate, I think a young Ms. Janet Jackson (cause I’m nasty) said it best when she proclaimed, “Let’s Wait A While.”

Written by Lisa Timmons