Is Heidi Klum Expecting

March 15th, 2005 // 12 Comments

You go Seal. That’s pretty quick for Heidi to get pregnant again. Her daughter, by Flavio Briatore is only 11 months old.

Though a rep for Klum, 31, had no official comment, one of her closest friends confirms the supermodel is definitely with child. “She is pregnant. They [Heidi and Seal] are very, very happy,” the pal tells Star Magazine.

Klum and Seal have two homes, one in L.A. and another in New York. “They are currently deciding where to bring up the baby,” the source added. [Star Magazine]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Elly

    What? So much money and they buy at Target? Don’t get me wrong, I like Target, but I’m sure they both could afford more upscale retailers, so to speak, where they sell hand-sewn baby clothing made from hand-spun fabrics.

  2. Guidomom

    I, for one, think it’s nice to see celebrities acting like normal people. I have a lot more respect for someone who does have a lot of money but doesn’t feel the need to throw it away. Spending thousands of dollars on designer baby clothes is obscene. Your kid won’t grow up to be a better person because they’re wearing gucci. (No matter what anyone says!)

  3. ali

    Nothing annoys me more than when people waste money just because they have it.

  4. andrea

    im still in shock heidi is with seal. i mean, no offense to him, but she can do waaay better. i guess looks really arent everything. i cant rag on her because my taste in guys aint that great either. but still, im just completely in shock.

  5. ap

    Seal is amazing.
    Not only is he totally hot, but can you imagine him singing to you? I’m sorry, I think Heidi is lucky.

  6. ella

    you would never be that lucky

  7. Sashay

    They’re so cute 2gether. Seal is sexy and Heidi is beautiful. I hate them.

  8. Ray

    Ok, Seal is a great singer.

    But why you call him sexy? That I don´t get. The guy has scars all over his face, I mean, girls be honest, you see guys like this all the time and you CHANGE TO THE OTHER SIDEWALK when you are walking.

    Well, anyways, Heidi is pregnant again and I hope the baby is not born with the disease that Seal has. Or maybe he or she should, since a lot of you find it sexy to have your whole faced scarred….

    Oh boy, reality bites…

  9. Sarah T

    I agree Ray.

    Most people are just crazy about Seal, who is black, being with Heidi, who is the uber german.

    I don´t find Seal attractive at all. Maybe except for the fact that he has a lot of money. What girl doesn´t what a guy like that? But I would never have babies with him. I would never sleep with him either but not because I am racist it is just that he is so sosososossoso UGLY. So good for the Klum that she did and is now having a baby. I could not do it, even if I was a fading supermodel like Heidi…

    I do hope also the babys are not born with those ugly scars that Seal has…

  10. M

    The “ugly scars” on his face were left there because the guy had lupus when he was younger. Show some damn compassion.

  11. Mary

    Wow, u guys are really shallow…. Seal is a great singer and he is very good looking despite the scars…. So, u wouldn’t date a guy cuzz he has scars on his face? wow, ur dumbasses!! Seal is really good looking if u look past the scars.. AND HE GOT THEM FROM LUPUS!!! Show compassion!

  12. Michael Jackson

    we all know black men lust over white women but I can never understand how she likes a black guy with bad face and a big gap in his front teeth
    ugliness must be exotic to white women

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