Is He Already Past It?

Owen Wilson looks very free here. Did the therapy already kick in? Note the scars. This looks like a commercial for Summer’s Eve. He’s just walking in the ocean air, feeling fresh and not at all suicidal. How come my meds didn’t kick in this fast?

Troubled Hollywood actor Owen Wilson has shown for the first time the scars from his suicide bid.

The “Starsky and Hutch actor, 38, showed a toned body as he took to LA’s Venice Beach with his brother Andrew, only weeks after taking an overdose of pills and slashing his wrists.

The Wedding Crashers comedian, still looked tired and dishevelled, but appeared peaceful as he larked aroud in the water.

He does look a little more refreshed and relaxed. Maybe he got it all off his chest. Kate Hudson is not the bim you kill yourself over. Damn, she was in “Skeleton Key”. It’s a thriller about voodoo. Are you shitting me? She’s not an overdose motivation.

More of Owen Wilson doing some healing on the beach with his brother after the jump.