Is Eddie Murphy Gay?

September 6th, 2005 // 67 Comments

And is his boyfriend Johnny Gill from New Edition?

The ex-girlfriend of New Edition and LSG singer Johnny Gill is now speaking out about her recent split up with the singer. She tells Atlanta Gossip, (AG) reporter Tiffany Long that Johnny is struggling with his sexuality and that Hollywood has put pressure on him to be straight.

“Johnny and I broke up earlier this year after I became curious about his friendship/relationship with actor/comedian Eddie Murphy,” she said. “Johnny and Eddie have always been very close friends, but I could not compete with their relationship. It was strange…I can’t even explain it,” she tell Atlanta Gossip.

Other sources tell (AG) that Johnny Gill is actually living in a guest house on Eddie Murphy’s property in CA. A posting on taken from entertainment forum says this: Rumors are circulating throughout Hollywood about the Eddie’s divorce battle, I was talking to an industry friend last night 08/15/05, she said, Nicole got sick of putting up with him and Johnny Gill.

People had warned her yrs. ago about the downlow rumors, even one of her close family members, but she chose not to believe it until she witnessed it, Eddie had got to the point where he didn’t care, he often told her, he was the breadwinner and to stop asking him stupid questions about where he was going and who he was with.

He became so brazen, Johnny came over to their house every holiday, sitting at the head of the table with Nicole and the kids. Tevin Campbell, Sugar Ray, Tyler Perry and Shemar Moore are also heavily involved in this scenario, they tried to recruit Mike Tyson (when he had money) but it wasnt his scene. Johnny is pathetic, he was with all these men and did not benefit, before he reunited with New Edition, he was so broke, he lived in Sugar Ray’s Guest house and I heard his wife wasnt too happy about it.

Everything seems plausible except for the Mike Tyson part.

(Thanks to D.L. for sending us the link to this story.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jane

    They forgot to mention Arsenio…

  2. Antigone

    Every man that has ever seen Robin Givens naked is now gay, regarless of his pre-Robin preferences. Her gap has teeth.

  3. Mariana

    All of Eddie’s rampant homophobia (remember his older routines?) strike me as hallmarks of a DL brotha. But that’s just me…

  4. Pleasantly disturbed

    What happened to Eddie Murphy? His wife. Eddie was perfectly okay until he married a tranny. They are people, too, but they smoke Meth. and look for stuff all night in the attic. He overamped and picked up a hooker to satisfy his need ‘not to go home’. Can you blame him?

  5. curiousgal

    Didnt Eddie Murphy get caught with a tranny prostitute before?

  6. Chinchilla

    Yes he did. He said he was just ‘giving her a ride home’. I bet he was. Over the backseat.

    Ewwww @ Johnny Gill and Eddie. The thought is weird. Shemar Moore soooo looks like a DL brotha. Sugar Ray, doesn’t really surprise too much. Bit of a pretty boy. Who the hell is Tyler Perry?

  7. SettlK

    I pray this type of thing stops. God made man in HIS image and after HIS likeness. God has a plan for all of us and we will miss it if we don’t turn to Him for guidance for ourselves, our homes our precious children who have to deal with our choices in life and our marriages. The whole world is awaiting REAL men and women to stand up and lead the way to righteousness. I pray we can be there for others to follow good examples of Truth found in The Lord Jesus Christ alone!!! KS

  8. Gabriel

    If people who say that “God made us in His image” can accept that there are two different genders and all different skin colors, then why is it impossible for them to accept that God also intended for there to be heterosexuality AND homosexuality.

    Since homosexuality is biological rather than simply a “choice,” then I would have to say that God intended this all along.

    One can never truly be close to God until they can accept ALL of His people without judgement.

  9. Blakk

    Gabriel, u said exactly what a “NON-Believer” would say. GOD didn’t not intend this. That is why he gave us free will. Being gay is not biological, its a spiritual sickness from the pits of Hell. The devil, by nature is homosexual, simply because he is anti-procreation, which is the exact opposite of GOD. What you are saying, if you think about it, is the same thing as saying that child molester or a rapist was born like that. Maybe they can’t control their feelings at a certain point, but they can control their actions and look to GOD to cleanse their spirit. I love everyone and judge no one, because thats GOD’s job, but just because my mother loves me and I haul off and shoot my sister, does that make it right? My mother would be disappointed and mad, but according to you I would just say, “Well oh Mom, its not my fault, I was “BORN” and murderer.” Come on, u got to have self-control….thats all I’m saying.

  10. Tactful

    Homosexuality is not biological ok?. Pleas accept the fact that there is no such thing as a gay gene. Remember Sadom and Gomorah. God didnt intend on homosexuality to be accepted so get over it. its a choice that has negative consequences always leave a trail of hurt and disappointment,
    especially when kids are involved.

  11. Raz Matazz

    Gay, Straight, Bi, I wish human beings would get over the labels already….! Live your life with INTEGRITY:Do what you believe and feel is right. Keep your MORALS VALUES to YOURSELVES ie what OTHERS think is right! Has anyone noticed that women LOVE men; and MEN love MEN…! Almost all of the women I know hate or are contemptious of other women–and most men honestly do not enjoy the company and or conversation of women sans sex. Oprah and the other “gals” may pretend to be “sisters,” but the fact is only lesbos truly love women… and that’s okay.

  12. Javier

    If God is so against homosexuality, why’d he give us buttholes?

  13. Tanya

    Hey, I thought we were talking about Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill.

  14. Blakk

    Javier, u must be one….um, i thought so. The but hole was made to SHIT, not put “shyt” in!!!!!

  15. Javier

    Oh, ok… How come nobody told me?

  16. BOLERA


  17. Miriah

    Who is Tyler Perry?! You have never heard of Madea?! But anyway, yall act like yall have never met a gay man. I bet some of yalls family members are gay and yall want to down talk Eddie. He makin the cheese, so let him do what the hell he want to. Yall all on him cause he a celeb. and thats not right. I’m not taking up for him, nut I think he deserves his privacy

  18. kim

    Miriah i agree with you, people need to mind there own bussiness and let jesus deal with them because thats the person who will judge them not man.

  19. Brice

    okay, heres what i dunt get. Sure i wasn’t alive back in the early day of 1900 or even before that, but wise grandmother told me this….there were NO gay men she ever knew of in her time while a kid-teen-and even young adult, and nor were there NEARLY as much anywhere else as today… people started popping up when celebs started ‘admitting’ to being gay, supposedly……it’s a choice if you ask me, not a ‘blessed difference’ cus basically thats wat ya’ll ignorant supporters are saying by saying god makes them that way…..if yuo ask me people choose to be gay for the same reson people dress differently, just way more extreme and ‘prerogative’ … now i dunt hate gays, im just sayin, there excuses are absolutley ridiculous!

  20. Ms.Ange

    Oh wow, Did we forget how Eddie, Arsenio, AND Mr. Michael Jackson all use to be good friends. Micheal and Eddie has showed up on Arsenio Hall’s show offened.
    And do you remember when Eddie got stop with the trans. And it was Johnny Gill at the news conference with him… Standing by his man. LOL

  21. SoulBeauty

    Of course there were gay people before the 1900′s. There’s even some who say King James I (the one who’s bible you read) was homosexual…and they supposedly have evidence of it. Personally, I say, if you are going to be smart enough to believe that there were NO dishonest people in the days the Bible was written, and that everything in the Bible is said by God, and couldn’t have been an imposition of the governmental power of the time (ie..King James has his own version?…please), then I guess you can believe there were no gay people either. Also, there were some native tribes who believed or still believe that homosexuals were the gatekeepers between this world and the next. That tells you that not EVERYone is homophobic. Probably the reason your grandma didn’t know any gay people is because it wasn’t alright to say so…not because they didn’t exist, don’t be so naive.

    P.S….don’t be retarded and say I’m gay because I said that..I’m a happily married woman who happens to have some common sense…

  22. Blakk

    Saying people are born gay is just like saying people are born child molesters or killers, and I’m sure we know thats not right!!!!

  23. Q

    If Eddie and Johnny are gay, it doesn’t surprise me mot one bit. After seeing Johnny on Behind The Music: new Edition, I was convinced not that he’s gay but has gay tendencies (gay-ish). Eddie cracked too many anti gay jokes for a person to think he’s gay and he did allegedly have a transgender fetish. But it’s all ALLEGED. The media will have u believing anything.

  24. nancy

    Uh, blakk, some people think there ARE some ‘Natural Born Killers’, so to speak. A female psychologist who interviewed MANY serial killers and wrote about it in a book, swears that ‘serial killers are born, not made’. She claims that it is something that they come into this world with and nothing, not deprivation or abuse and neglect by their families makes them that way. It makes sense, because when you hear about how horrible some of them had it as kids, you then think about all the majority of the children who also were abused and didn’t kill anybody, and many serial and mass killers had perfectly normal upbringings.

    As for homosexuality, I think that people ARE born that way for the most part, they are exposed to too many or too few of the ‘proper’ hormones for their gender while in the womb.

  25. 2much

    1st to answer a question that was posted twice tyler perry is the guy who wrote and stared in diary of a mad black woman, he played the role of the grandmother as well as many other characters in the movie.
    2nd as an african american actor eddie murphy has come along way and no mater what his sexual orientation he is great. we are focused on all the wrong things here. we need to be paying more attention to way serial killers kill and not why some men enjoy butts.


    It is a big concern.I careless less that Eddie is a celebrity.That makes it just that more disgusting.This is the reason for the freakin rise of HIV/AIDS in the black community.Has no one learned from J.L.King.He lays it all out in his book “On The Down Low.”The scary part is that everybody is accepting this crapp!!!!!!!

  27. Antoine

    I think that it’s great that these homo’s are outed to be who they really are.

    keep up the good work on all the “how you doin’s out there.

  28. D.M.H.

    As a people we as African Americans need to find our spiritual focus. Look around and see the trouble we are in as White America and God look at us and sees a people who have lost their way due to the trauma of slavery. Those who enslaved us own some of the blame for our condition, but our choices have done us a great deal of harm. A man won’t find the answers to his problems in a crack pipe or another man’s @ss. We are capable of doing incredible things and we should chose to live in a more positive and uplifting way. Chose the examples of our greatest ancestors as a guide, not the negative examples that surround us. Peace, Love, Success.

  29. paul

    There is no god, u bunch of feckin weirdos

  30. sp1r1t2005

    Non beleivers out there! Wake up don tbe stupid…..The greatest lie ever told by the devil states that there is no devil. You can plainly see that there is Good and bad in the this world. Homosexulity is not productive, it produces nothing. If a man wants to love a man then that is fine, just dont L O V E that man (wink) Look at nature, you dont see two male animals knockin boots! Remember this the devil is a pimp, dont be his hoe!

  31. Chuck

    This is the problem with you unaturaul gender loving people. God gave us rules to follow (HIS Rules!) And it is not for us to take His rules as we see fit! Homosexual are always asking where in the Bible dose it state that gay living is wrong to God. Well guess what, after today you’ll never have to wonder agin. In the book of (Levitcus)Chapter 20, Verse 13. And I quote! If a Man lies with a Male as with a Woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to Death:their blood is upon them. Lev:20,13. In All Bibles!!! And there’s Nothing Vague About That at All!!!! Pastor Chuck!

  32. Blakk

    Oh and NANCY, people are also exposed to demons while in the womb. LET’S BE CONQUERERS AND NOT SUBMIT TO SATAN.

    JAMES 4:7

  33. Christopher


  34. kevisha

    eddie i can’t belive you are gay i also can’t belive that your wife caught you with johnny gill i loved you in pluto nash but know don’t talk to me i still can’t belive you did that what about your wife and kids what are you going to tell them eddie you better fix this or it would be hell for you okay i used to think you were funny but now i dont so fix this everyone in the world knows you are a b%*%$ eddie you and johnny gill

  35. kevisha`

    eddie and johnny gill i hate you you two are both disgusting and ya’ll are stupid why would you do that to your wife and kids eddie what does your kids think

  36. Bree

    Kevisha, you LIKED Pluto Nash? Has Eddie done any movie besides Beverly Hills Cop and 48 hrs. that did good? Well, what I really wanna know is how he thought this wouldn’t come out? Is he really ready to be gay in public? No wonder Johnny could hit all those high notes. I’m so disappointed at how this whole thing was handled. Think about the kids, Eddie! They don’t deserve how it all went down. I think whatever you do is a result of your own personal choice, and your actions will be judged by God. That’s enough.

  37. hot azz

    I think that eddie and johnny need to get a snicker bar if they want to put peanut butter on their chocolate or in their case (shit on their dick)

    tyler perry is a great performer and I don’t know what’s up

    shamar moore i’m in love with him so if so i’ll have to fine someone else

    what about will smith!!!

  38. JLCP

    You know, I have read all the comments posted above, and I must say that I am sick and tired of all the homophobic comments that all these “sanctified” people post. Chuck you talk about being gay in Leviticus… it’s funny how all you pick the ONE line out the Bible that has to do with gays… what about these…..
    “9: For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him.
    10: And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.
    11: And the man that lieth with his father’s wife hath uncovered his father’s nakedness: both of them shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
    12: And if a man lie with his daughter in law, both of them shall surely be put to death: they have wrought confusion; their blood shall be upon them.”
    And these are just to name a few. And it is funny that you choose Leviticus, from the OLD testament, when GOD was unforgiving and ANYTHING you could have done was punishable by death. Also, there was no demarcation between church and law, which also played a BIG role in the way the Bible, was read, enforced, and interpreted. All you who call yourself “Christians” or followers of Christ pay close attention. Jesus Christ translates into “the anointed one” so you are actually followers of “the anointed one”. A man who loved everyone, even the sinners, and ridiculed no one. The man who was crucified by the “church”… the same people spoken of in Leviticus… the same people who he was sent to deliver the message to. Jesus came to deliver the “Real” message, the one that God intended. You know why, because the OLD TESTIMENT was not what God intended. Stop trying to use the Bible to justify your own prejudices and biases. STOP IT! At the end of the day the following is true: 1. Honestly, the holy books (Old Testament, New Testament, Q’uran) are so complex, that we are truly incapable of understanding them in their entirety. Why? Because God is perfect and we are imperfection. We cannot fully understand what is “intended” and everything is relative. Stop taking one or two lines out of the whole damn book in a pathetic attempt to justify your own bullshit. For the record, I am Muslim, gay, and West Indian. I have faced just about every type of homophobia known to man in my day. However, I know that the way I feel about men was not something that I wanted or asked for… I felt this way as early as I could remember. I tried for years to ignore what I was attracted to. It didn’t work. You cannot run from yourself. People think if they get married that somehow, mysteriously, the feelings will disappear. WRONG! What you will do is ruin the lives of your spouse and your children (which is normally what happens). And those who condemn you embracing who you are ask yourself this question. Why in the hell would anyone voluntarily want to be gay? We as gays deal with enough shit to not have to deal with yall ignorant ass MF’s who are quick to talk about how wrong being gay is, do you forget that the bible also says that WE ARE ALL SINNERS? WE ARE ALL FLESH AND BLOOD AND WE AND ALL IMPERFECT AND SINNERS? This is why the text is so complicated. In the Bible when the woman committed adultery and they were ready to stone her, Jesus said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. No one threw the stone. Why? Because we ALL have our hang-up’s and our skeletons on our closet. From Pastor Chuck to the hooker on the hoe shtrow. Focus on your own sins before you comment on how wrong mime are. At the end of the day, god is a forgiving god. You mean to tell me that if you are a gay person, who is genuinely a good person, who lives there lives in peace with another (who just happens to be of the same ex) that god will kick him into the hellfire JUST because he is gay???? But people who commit heinous crimes, and are straight will go to heaven if they repent? Come on people… Wake up…

  39. Michael

    With all the women out there, these two can’t comfort in a woman’s arms somewhere in this world. This is very very …sad if really true.

  40. write2liv

    I really can’t believe there are so many dumb people out there. I know this is about gossip, but even gossip requires some degree of critical thinking. This story is so full of holes an elephant could walk through it. For example:
    1. Does Johnny Gill’s girlfriend have a name?
    A story doesn’t begin to pass the test of legitimacy unless the story teller can be identified.
    2. How did this person come to tell this tale? Did the “girlfriend” with no name call up the writer and volunteer?
    3. Why did they tell it? Was the teller feeling rejected? Was the story made up?
    4. If the story was told, how was the teller reimbursed? By whom? For what reason?
    5. Why now?
    6. How much money passed hands?
    7. Whose hands?

    And a word for the so called Christians: Hate isn’t a Christian virtue. Homosexuality exists in every life species from fish to humans. It’s simply a genetic variant. Trying to use the bible to explain it makes as much sense as using the bible to justify the belief that the sun revolves around the earth, and that father’s should offer up their maiden daughters to strangers pounding on the door, or that fathers should impregnate daughters.

  41. mocha

    If you all continue with the “what about this one”, we’ll be here all day. The fact of the matter is you can have all the money you want and still be GAY. Stop acting like they can’t be and that everything with a so called negative touch is only a rumor. This is nothing new. Half of the celeb’s are GAY or they will say “I dabbled a little in college”.

  42. mocha

    JLCP has a point people!!

  43. KittyLiterati

    Why are Bible thumpers preaching on a celebrity rag? Isn’t engaging in idle gossip supposed to be sinful?
    Go be holy somewhere else and let me enjoy my indulgences. There’s only room in hell for the elite.

  44. Thank you thank you KittyLiterati!
    I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    All these bible thumpin hypocrites need to stuff it! Seriously, I can’t stand people like that, “Oh I go to church and beleive in a God that is so loving and kind that he lets children be molested, families break apart, and good people be terrorized and so on. So what, Eddie Murphy is gay, good for him, let him be gay and live his damn life! What the hell is it doing to your God, or your Church if anyone is gay!!!
    Go read your bible and shut the f’ck up!

  45. After reading all the discussion, ther seems to be much ado about a trivial subject. Eddie Murphy is a hard working guy who has a coomplished a great deal in life. Like most of us, he chose to get married and raise a family at some point in his life, He did all of the things a good father and husband should do at that time. Kudos. I am happy for that season of his life and what it contributed to society. Now he is in a new season and hopefully is happy with his friend. I trust his soon to be former wife is happy also and I pray their new directions in life produce results. “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” 1Co.13:13

  46. philly42

    who cares if Eddie murphy is gay?’s his life and his choice..Who are we to judge?

  47. Jamaica22

    Eddie and Johnny gay for years. Both are very feminine so they are probably just friends and they go out to find lovers together. Whatever they do its their buisness but when children have to be submitted to ridicule @ school it hurts.

  48. MsFoxxy

    Hi I just wanna say that I have read all of the comments and alot them are very good, But God did say that no sin is too small or too big then the other so they all are very wrong ,but it’s all about you as aperson to know when to wake up and confess that it is wrong and that you wanna do right. So for instance not to talk about homosexuals but if you take a man and a woman not married and have they have a child together the child would be born out of weddlock which is wrong but in the process of it, it’s a gift from God to the couple so out of something bad come out something good in the making. Now if you take 2 men together it’s wrong because they cannot multiply and something God wants us to do is to be fruitful and multply. Another example is that if people are born a certain way? Well I can say I wouldn’t just quite say that but if a family been doing it for long it’s passed down generation to generation cus the family is cursed and they have to break the chain of murders and child molesters because some people think it’s ok to do these things. I know cuz I been a victim of child molestion and the person who did it thought it was ok cuz they been doing it for so long and it happened to them as a young child by many of people in the same family cuz it was an unbroken chain but this one little gurl(me) stood up and finally broke the chain in my family.

  49. Gemese

    I would just like to say that God is a merciful & forgiving God we can all been cleansed from our many sins (which is ALL unrighteousness) if we come to God diligently… the way HE said! Now as far as being gay goes as w/ any other sin (now again,remember sin is ALL unrighteousness) it is condemned in the eyes of God that’s what the word says & the word is God! So if He condemned it then & He’s the same God that changes not, He aint accepting nothing now that He didn’t accept then! Get it… it’s not being judgemental but if you living for God a true saint w/ the Holyghost not just believing in your heart confessing w/ your mouth, b/c that aint gon keep you from commiting sin but after that the Holyghost has come YE SHALL HAVE POWER… to walk right, to talk right, to live right etc… NEED I SAY MORE! THEREFORE ITS NOT JUDGING it’s merely “concurring” w/ the word of GOD! When you’re in sin of course you don’t want to be a “cast away” or shall I say treated as though God doesn’t love you b/c He does He loves everyone but that doesn’t neccessarily He likes what it is that you’re doing… Let’s take a look @ the lil “independent” 2 yr. old toddler who thinks they can do things w/o the help of mom or dad, when you know they need help but, they insist on doing it themselves… am I making any sense? But the choice is freely yours either you gonna choose to live for JESUS the way He said, or you AUTOMATICALLY choose to serve the satan simply b/c you didn’t make the choice to serve GOD! You see it’s either or, there’s no in between. Let’s just know that no one is born gay… now we all were shapen in iniquity & born in sin but that simply means that we have natural tendencies to do things like lie! Have you every seen a lil child that just out the blue tells a lie… no one person in particular taught that child “how to” it’s just in there… not a homosexual demon!! But, as I said God is so meciful, He is able & just to pardon our sins if we seek Him w/ our whole heart, & humble ourselves under His mighty hand, letting Him lead us & guide us He will forgive no matter what the sin was/is, if you’re sincere. Now, I gotta say that heaven is a preapared place, for a prepared people & I hear plenty people saying they saved & they going to heaven & it be people who’s still smoking, drinking, fornicating, stealing, whoremonging, etc… now if they all gon be up in heaven, why in God’s name would He go as far as makin a heaven… we could all just stay here & keep on doin what we do… do you get my drift. Now for some of yall I know that what I’ve said was kinda tight but, it’s right, and if I steped on your toes… out on some steel toed boots! :) May the blessing of the Lord be upon all who have read this… knowing that this sista behind this note IS SO NOT BEING A JUDGE, but merely saying that if that’s an apple tree, I’m not gonna say it’s a peachtree b/c you DON’T know the difference! God loves us all and He means for none to perish He came that we might have life & that more abundantly! If you mad & me don’t be b/c it aint about me… it’s about working out your own soul salvation & that’s an issue that you gon have to take to JESUS! Don’t let the enemy deceive you… he is the father of all lies… but GOD HE CAME TO SEEK AND SAVE THE LOST… won’t you get to know Him?! He standing @ the door knocking like a gentleman waiting on you to turn cast all of your cares & concerns to Him, but you must first believe that He is GOD & that He is a rewarder, of them that DILIGENTLY seek Him… AMEN!!!

  50. PrettyLadeetee

    I personally think Eddie Murphy IS DEFINITELY on the Down Low…so are a WHOLE lot of other male celebs(not only the brothers either!)But That is THEIR BUSINESS! I say who the HELL CARES !! Let them Live the way they want to live because only GOD can judge them and they will meet their maker one day as we all will so who cares!! If they wanna be booty busters….LET ‘EM !!

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