Is Don Draper Our Dylan McKay?

Yesterday brought me such immense joy that it felt like my second birthday.  I live and die by the code of West Beverly, so to be able to celebrate Beverly Hills 90210 on 09/0210 was a real treat. Better than a funfetti binge, in fact.  Most media outlets had the same idea.  Video tributes were put together, episode screenings were held in different cities, and some even went so far as to make modern-day comparisons to the original cast. decided to select a show of our time for comparison that reflects the tragedy of abundant wealth and beauty: Mad Men. That wouldn’t be the first program I’d use for comparison, but it works. 

I see the Man Men characters as more of a blend of the West Beverly gang.  For instance, Flavorwire compared Joan to Brenda. Ehhh, not so much.  Brenda is a mix of Peggy and Betty: one part self-righteous goody two-shoes, two parts raging bitch (and I say that with boatloads of respect to both parties, especially Brenda).  And Ken Cosgrove to Brandon Walsh? I think we’re grabbing for straws at this point.  I’ll give them Don Draper to Dylan McKay, only because both characters are handsome devils with drinking problems (Don’s more of a functional alcoholic).  But the strongest comparison was found between Roger Sterling and Steve Sanders.  Talk about not giving a f*ck which way is up.  The playboy mentality was the same in 1963 as it was in 1990.  But this playboy will still weep like a baby if someone steals his toy (did someone lose a corvette, Stevie?).

Speaking of babies, these shots of upcoming Mad Men scenes (on location at a Santa Monica hotel Wednesday) look a bit suspect.  Why is Don Draper’s girlfriend holding a faux child? My God, man.  Keep it in your pants.