Is Christina Aguilera To Become Maria Bratman?

Not professionally of course, but she may change her name leagally to Maria (her middle name) Bratman.

The pop starlet, 24, married Jordan Bratman in a glitzy ceremony on November 19 in California and has revealed that she may now take his name.

Christina added that her entire wedding weekend could be summed up in one word – magical.

“I’m a performer, I’ve done stuff like this before and I really didn’t think I felt nervous. “But when it came to the big moment it was just so overwhelming to be marrying that one person who I so completely love and adore.” “It’s that moment that every girl fantasises about.”

She seems happy. They are certainly in love, which was witnessed by fellow diners at the Ryoshi restaurant in Bali, where they are spending their honeymoon.

“Most people recognised Christina. Nobody made a fuss, but we couldn’t help taking a quick peek. They seemed really happy and were playing footsie under the table.

“Then they went to the toilets in quick succession. My wife went in only minutes later and could hear them giggling together in a cubicle. There was obviously a bit of fun being had.”

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