Psst! Is Charlize Theron Chatting Up A Prince? Or Vice Versa?

I doubt there’s much truth to this at all, but who cares. Sometimes you only have photos and then you must imagine the possibilities in life. Go with me on this flight of frivoloty…

Charlize Theron, who is from South Africa as we all know, was seen attending the Germany vs Argentina World Cup match on Saturday with Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. And apparently the two were just chatting each other up. All I have to say is that he ain’t that bad, Charlize! He reminds me a bit of Orlando Bloom. You see it?

Now, whether they were just being cordial or not, I don’t care. I would love Charlize to marry into some royalty – and she seems Nordic enough already to pass inspection by his mother.

Germany beat Argentina if that’s what you read this for, FYI.