Is Charlie Sheen Leaving His Show Or A Master Negotiator?

Charlie Sheen is reportedly ready to walk from his $825,000 per-episode gig on Two and a Half Men and….well I don’t know what he would do. Work on his marriage? Scary Movie 5? Wall Street 3: I Still like Money?

Whatever he decides to do walking away would likely mean the end for the other man and a half and the rest of the crew on show. “That could mean a lot of people out of work and looking for new jobs,” and insider tells E online. Which might be why he hasn’t said anything to his co-workers. “No one heard anything about this–not his costars, the studio, no one.”

Poooor Charlie hasn’t said anything, as one source believes, because he leaked the story to People “to light some fire under their asses to get what he wants.” What does he want? Sheen’s current contract ends with the season finale on April 9th. The source believes the sitcom’s star wants more money. He allegedly makes $825,000 and needs more? Oh right, see paragraph one. He is probably getting where the gettin’s good. Then again ratings for the show actually went up after the incident.

If it’s true that seems like a dirty move for a show that has supported him when others didn’t and allowed him time for his preventative rehab.