Is Britney Spears Releasing A New Album?

OMG. Britney Spears might be releasing her first album since Circus, a whole two years ago! That’s far too long to go without some Britney mess on the radio. Her producer has been hinting that in a matter of weeks the first single might drop.

“Britney fans are gonna be so happy in a few weeks,” he said. Right on the heels of that much-anticipated Glee episode?

Reps for Spears (pictured at a Calabasas Starbucks yesterday) have not commented or confirmed as of yet…but let’s hope we get some kind of official word soon!

Looks like there’s a definite buzz in the air: Predator Dub Assassins confirmed that have been working with Brit, “Co -Writing on a track for Britney Spears ft Akon. WTF ?! What is gonna happen next?” My thoughts exactly.