Is Britney Spears Filing a Restraining Order Against Her Mother?

The relationship between Britney or Lynne Spears seems to be completely out of control. Britney Spears is seemingly one of the most paranoid people in the business right now. So much so that Britney is apparently going to file a restraining order against her mother, to keep Lynne away from her two sons.

Britney claims Lynne is abusing prescription pain medication and should not be allowed to see 21-month-old Sean Preston and nine-month-old Jayden James.

Britney is said to be furious with Lynne for visiting Sean Preston and Jayden James at her estranged husband Kevin Federline’s home. She believes Lynne and Kevin forced her to enter rehab earlier this year to seek help for her alleged alcohol addiction and post-natal depression. Britney is also said to be livid that her mother sided with Kevin during the couple’s custody battle.


What Lynne Spears has to say about her relationship with her daughter, and photos of a brunette Britney Spears, after the jump.

Lynne recently claimed her relationship with her daughter was improving, but insisted Britney still had a long way to go before overcoming her problems.

She said: “It’s sad that the whole world had to watch her make mistakes that all of us have made at one time or another. Britney Jean Spears is the sweetest and the most sensitive and loving of all my children. She is figuring things out.”

I think the “she is figuring things out” comment is a total understatement. She has a hell of a long way to go. If she wasn’t shipped off to rehab, the girl would be an even bigger mess than she is right now. Here is what Britney needs to do – stay out of the paparazzi eye for at least three months, get some REAL counseling, and spend some one on one time with your kids. Oh, and please, please hire a stylist!