Is Britney Pregnant Or Just Plump?

April 12th, 2006 // 16 Comments

A reader pointed us to this photo of Britney holding the recently injured, but okay, Sean Preston Federline. That looks more like a bump to me.

(Source: People)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. dmj122773

    That is definetly a pregnancy pouch. She looks about 3 months. Way to go, prego!

  2. gossip queen

    wasn’t this picture taken a long time ago though? I remember that same shirt and everything!

  3. katie

    What is she thinking having another baby with some guy who is a poser rapper with lyrics about titty and a little bit of kitty. Ugh. She must be totally deluding herself. Money doesn’t buy brains.

  4. uh duh

    that’s not a recent picture.
    first sean preston looks older in less recent pictures taken.
    and second those pictures were in people magazine when she when to visit some buddist place, remember the pics with the red dot on her forehead.

  5. mommyof1

    after you have a baby it’s hard to suck your gut in at all times, believe me i know.
    over 2 years later if i attempt to push my stomach out i can look a good 2 months pregnant haha, it’s just once that skin stretches it’s stretched.

    and by no means am i defending her–personally i think she is using the fact that she can’t lose the baby weight to pretend she’s pregnant with the second. i mean she would be much more pregnant than now b.c she still looks the same as when the “second child pregnancy” rumors started.

  6. It would be kind of funny if she was pregnant again. She could drop another baby on it’s head or have another degenerate child with a degenerate KFED.

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  7. King Smart Ian

    Better question: Is she stupid or just ignorant?

  8. fakeplastiktree

    It does look like it may be an old picture but I still think she’s pregnant! There was all that talk a couple months ago about her getting back into shape for her return to music. I mean COME ON!!…the girl doesn’t really do anything….no job, nanny to take care of SPF most of the time….she has all the time in the world to get in shape!! I really don’t think it’s just that she’s being lazy and eating a lot of cheetos!

  9. Kiki

    I don’t think she’s pregnant just because she’s recording again and she keeps talking about how she wants to go out and tour again.

  10. Cheesy

    Old photo, but she’s probably still stupid enough to get knocked up again. But that pic is older, like, when she was visiting the Buddhist temple or something a while back.

  11. Susan

    it’s an old pic, she was visiting a Hindu temple not a Buddhist one, come on people

  12. BFer

    If Brit is breastfeeding, it’s very difficult to get pregnant. Possible, yes, but rare.

  13. funnySTuff


    come on, that’s almost as good as saying tom cruise and katie holmes relationship isn’t a sham

    PUH-LEASE, welcome to planet earth BFer, she can’t even bottle feed her own child, let alone take the time to breastfeed or pump

  14. Dliza

    Gimme a break, people. Just because she’s lazy about getting back into shape doesn’t make it cool to make fun of a woman who can’t get rid of her preggo belly. Tabloids are only taking advantage of her recent overweight problem to start rumors that she’s pregnant. Even if she were, who cares? If she wants more kids, good for her.

  15. las

    Look at poor Sean in that pic. He’s trying to escape.

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