Is Ben Affleck’s Movie Curse Over?

For a while there, it seemed like everything Ben Affleck touched turned to crap. But things may be looking up for the former member of a little something we like to call “Bennifer.” In his new movie, “Hollywoodland,” Ben takes on the role of TV Superman George Reeves, delivering a performance that has critics buzzing even before the movie’s release.

“He’s fabulous,” declares the film’s director, Allen Coulter. “This is an extraordinary performance, really exceptional. He really disappears into the role of George Reeves.”

Good for Ben. It looks like maybe he’s finally been able to wash off that bad taste and tacky that has been sticking to him like the stench of a skunk.

Ben’s new flick could prove Super after ‘Gigli’ horror [Boston Herald]

More photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner on the set of her new film “The Kingdom,” after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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