Is Angelina Jolie Scheduled For A C-section?

May 27th, 2006 // 22 Comments

That’s what In Touch Weekly is reporting. This would only make sense if they are doing this solely so they would have less of a press fiasco (with the holiday weekend and all). We’ll just have to wait and see.

Angelina Jolie is scheduled to give birth by Caesarean section tomorrow, Saturday, May 27, In Touch has learned exclusively.

Although she had really wanted to have a natural birth, Angelina’s doctors are urging her to have the procedure due to a minor complication. “There’s nothing seriously wrong,” an insider says. “They are expecting it all to be routine.”

Angelina, 30, is scheduled to have the C-section at a Namibian hospital, according to the insider. The father of the child, Brad Pitt, 42, is expected to be by her side.

Angelina had been planning to give birth at the Burning Shore Beach Lodge in Swakopmund — the African resort where she, Brad and her two adopted children, Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 16 months, have been staying for the past two months. But the doctors have advised her she will be safer in a hospital.

The baby, a girl, will be delivered by her American ob-gyn, assisted by local doctors, the insider adds. “Everyone is very excited, Maddox in particular,” says an insider in Africa. “He knows he is getting a new baby sister, now they are telling him how soon it will be.”

The long-awaited birth is a week before Angelina’s June 3 due date.

Angelina scheduled for C-section Saturday, May 27 [In Touch Weekly]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ninjagirl

    Why does it seem like the celebs are all getting c-sections??

  2. woodyette

    I’m going to have to start filing these two people under the “WHO GIVES A SHIT” file. I’m sick to death of them their ugly kids and the people who love them and their ugly kids!!!!!

  3. oyvey

    too scared to have a vaginal delivery..what a wuss…i knew angie was a fake..

  4. la_verite

    Yeah, it does seem that all of these celebs have C-sections–it’s so pathetic. It’s like, oh you’re so busy you don’t even have time to tave a baby naturally!? They “schedule” everything! And woodyette, although I do believe that these two are over-exposed, I don’t think that their kids are ugly–we just see them too much.

  5. Finally, the celebrity Messiah will be born. Why she is having a C-Section, I dont know, but it does seem like the fashionable way to give birth among celebs,

  6. YeahOK

    Well gee, they wanna keep that part of their anatomy pre-baby! Do they do anything naturally?? Lift this, tighten that..suck this, er as in lipo…. tuck that!

  7. starla

    I’ve had two and while you don’t have to go thru hours of painful labor, the recovery is very painful.

  8. Maychen

    Isn’t it already the 28th in Namibia? So did she have it or what.

  9. ravenswing

    um, Wood, if you don’t give a shit…then stop fucking posting under these threads. Dumbass.

  10. karen

    It may just be that the baby is breech. It’s a good reason to have a C-section, is a minor complication, and would certainly prevent normal vaginal delivery.

    ease up, people. I’m sure at least SOME of the celebs are having C-sections for a good reason. certainly not all, but eh…

  11. AndThen

    “Why does it seem like the celebs are all getting c-sections??”


  12. theoldbag

    Thank you ravinswing and karen for your clear thinking. As for AnThen…that is way sick.

  13. K

    Maybe, Angelina should think back to when she chased her Alexander co star Colin Farrell inspite of the fact that his THEN model friend was pregnant with his baby…uh with whom he did not become a couple with just because of a pregnancy and continues to not a couple with. JUST SINGLE PARENTS! Brad is the same as Angelina pregnancy was an entrapment move while for Brad…merely a single dad move esp as Brad continues his long distance relationship a woman Angelina thought her pregnancy announcement would put an end to his relationship with. NOT! While he waited a paternity test she lies and schemes like its all real. The only real thing is her mental instabilities and her patheticness. She is nothing more weeks away from having to single mom her life as per just the same! K

  14. Sandiees

    She is not having a C-section tommorrow. She gave birth to her baby girl today.

  15. Liz

    She had the baby…. her name is Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. has the story.

  16. megan

    To anyone who thinks they might have scheduled a c-section because of the holiday weekend…. Please use your heads, Memorial Day is not a freaking holiday in AFRICA!

  17. Congrats to brad and Angie i’m estatic for them! They must be bouncing of the walls right now. I love the name, especially the middle. It all flows so beautifully.

  18. q

    my theory is that celebs have certain STDs and are trying not to get their babies infected

  19. lola

    excuse me? have any of you guys given birth or anything? do you know what it is to give a vaginal birth?

    think about it.

    don’t call anybody a wuss for getting a c-section. it takes a lot of strength and determenation to give vaginal birth. and to clue you little martians in, a lot of “normal” people get c-sections too.

    so what do you expect from people you can afford to use hundred dollar bills as toilet paper?

  20. tinks

    I went through labour AND and emergency C-section, and believe me, recovery from that MAJOR ABDOMINAL SURGERY is no picnic, whatever you might think of Angelina Jolie or celebrity mothers in general. Still, yeah, as q was alluding to – maybe she has herpes or something, and that’s the reason for the surgery!

  21. Yep Yep

    C-Section due to “Minor Complication” = GENITAL HERPES OUTBREAK.

  22. I just heard the herpes rumor too.

    BTW, this is the number 1 google hit for “angelina jolie herpes” :O)

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