Is Angelina Jolie Going To Dump Brad Pitt?

April 19th, 2006 // 52 Comments

Oh, the story changes so quickly. Earlier we reported that the happy couple was going to possibly wed in Nambia. Now, Angelina Jolie is preparing to dump Brad Pitt after she has their baby. Colin Farrell is somehow involved. This one, I don’t believe.

In news that may not be as shocking as once claimed – Angelina Jolie has decided to dump Brad Pitt after the baby is born a published report claims. The reason – she just can’t stand his jealousy anymore.

Here’s the report according to the Enquirer. There has been another blow up with the couple – this time it reportedly happened when Brad found out that Jolie had been secretly corresponding with actor Colin Farrell.

“It’s basically over between Brad and Angelina,” says a friend of the couple. They can’t agree on anything – even where to have the baby.”

Once Brad confronted Angie over her e-mails with Colin – she told him that if he couldn’t trust her – perhaps they shouldn’t be together, the report details.

Report: Angelina Jolie to Dump Brad Pitt After Baby is Born [National Ledger]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    I guess karma’s a bitch, huh?

  2. DB

    I don’t believe it.

    If it were true…Maniston would be creaming her pants right now!

  3. Alexanderina

    Every week a tabliod comes up with something new. Don’t believe it. I don’t believe everything the National Enquirer print, but if people out there wants to believe it and say karma is a bitch then go right ahead, I guess it would make your date

  4. Alexanderina

    Every week a tabliod comes up with something new. Don’t believe it. I don’t believe everything the National Enquirer print, but if people out there wants to believe it and say karma is a bitch then go right ahead, I guess it would make your date

  5. I don’t see that happening, but I guess it is possible. Everyone likes to speculate.

  6. HoBag

    It’s spelled N-A-M-I-B-I-A not Nambia.

  7. LaLaLove

    Never say never, but I think they’re the real deal. If jealousy was the case, then I doubt Brad would be producing a movie for Billy Bob, someone Angelina Jolie actually was with.

  8. ravenswing


  9. BPfan#1_17yrs&counting

    The way Jenny “till I die I’m gonna squeeze every last dime out of this 10yr story” Shimizu talks about how much AJ loved her, one would think she’d be more of a threat to his ego over Colin.

  10. blankjen

    I hope they break up soon and move on to more interesting partners they can actually emote with in public. They make Gwyneth and Chris look fascinating by comparison. They look drab and miserable together in every picture I’ve seen of them, and even their children look depressed. People worry about what TomKat’s baby’s life is going to be like with a “neurotic psychopath” father and “Stepford wife” mother and I have to say, I worry about this babe, with a neurotic psycho mother and a Stepford dad.

  11. True Love

    Brangelina is a unison made in heaven. This is a love supreme, as John Coltrane so coined the term. This is California Dreamin’ and All You Need Is Love and Let It Be – all together. Brangelina is a peace song. They will never die. They will go on forever and ever. Brangelina love is an infinite love. They are now bound by three beautiful little angels. They are bound together forever. Santa Brangelina – if I could pray to you I would. I build my shrine at the feet of Brangelina. Let’s all share in this love – people all over the world – let’s get on this Brangelina “love train”.

  12. anon

    True Love, must you be over the top with the Mountain Girl bull you spout? You make me not want to even acknowledge I’m a Jolie-Pitt fan! I don’t think you realize how goofy you make them sound, and I’m rather embarrassed for the rest of us too.

  13. True Love

    Anon, we are all partners in the dance. Enjoy the dance and the festivities. This is love we are celebrating. Brangelina Love! Be proud and spread the spirit of love. I am ecstatic with joy. I am on a cloud. I am a great Brangelina fan and I never apologize for it. How wonderful!

  14. Rumor

    I admit that I have had my doubts about Brad and Angelina’s relationship lasting in the long run, but I don’t believe these so-called rumors. The media is cruel! It’s like the media’s hands are tied (because B&A are hidden away in Africa), and they don’t know what to do with themselves. So, they come up with hurtful crap at the last minute, trying to stir up trouble. Printing old stuff about that Jenny girl, and now this.

    It’s too late. Angelina is preparing to give birth. This isn’t the time for such hostility. Everybody should try to accept the situation. If we all think about the children that are involved and what is best for them, we can wish for this couple’s happiness.

  15. I don’t beleive the rumors either .. I think these two could stay together for 30 years and still rumors will continue about them .. it is all entertainment for those of us who are celeb junkies!

  16. LaLaLove

    Rumor said, that’s what I believe too. I think the Tab’s are so seriously frustrated about the limited info on them that they’re just throwing anything out there.

  17. King Smart Ian

    This story is seriously garbled. Brad indicated he was thinking of joining NAMBLA and somehow that got turned into Namibia. Simple mistake.

    PS – True Love: I’d like to send some guys around to your house to beat you like a tom-tom- can I trouble you for your address? Thanks, KSI

  18. countrybabe

    I believe it. It looks like she went to Africa to please him. Anybody could tell she liked it there and he was the fish out of water. Now this. And La, La Love Angie and Collin were “friends”on Alexander. BillyBob is married to somebody else, that movie is business and Brad has to pay for all those bodyguards. I do think she’ll wait until after the baby is born to dump him.

  19. jen

    go figure that a man who cheats on his wife has trust/jealousy issues.

    freakin’ hilarious!!!

  20. Girly Girl

    I’ll help pay for the thugs. Hell, I’ll send their kids to college if they kick his ass good.

    True Love,
    If this is the ‘dance’ and we are ‘all in it together’ I want you to know I just kicked you in the shins.

  21. hohum

    love, Love, LOVE that Brangelina continue to give the media the proverbial finger. I give Angie most of the credit for protecting her family from the vultures, even keeping Brad’s appearances to a minimum. lol

  22. True Love

    I am feeling so much love this morning. It is a beautiful day in Sunny California and the hills are alive with peace. Three more weeks to the proof of Brangelina love! And just went to a Bob Marley tribute show this weekend and it was love and more love. And the spirit of Bob was everywhere!

    Love Brangelina!

  23. True Love

    When ased what albums he would take on a desert island by Rolling Stone magazine, Brad Beautiful Pitt said “Bob Marley”. Now he has adopted a little princess from Bob’s holy land Ethiopia – birth of Haile Selassie – the living God for Rastafarians everywhere and he named his beautiful angel Zahara Marley.

    Could you be loved sisters and brothers? Could you be loved and feel the Natural Mystic as Sir Bob Marley has said? Love Brangelina and their worldliness and peace. It is a good morning! Come to California – we have a lot to offer here! Lovea ya Brangelina – we miss you here.

  24. Becks

    I find it funny that just because she is a beautiful woman everyone is ok with the fact that she is still a home wrecker. Yes she is definately prettier than Jen and does more “good deeds”. That’s great for her and I praise her for it. HOWEVER, that doesn’t change the fact that she coveted another womans husband. It is a known fact that the woman “falls for” just about every actor she co-stars with. Personally I think she “chose” Brad, almost how Tom “chose” Katie. Just in Angelina’s case she didnt have to pay Brad. I think she chose Brad because he is hott and she knew they would have gorgeous babies. This relationship will be over as soon as that baby is born, or at least not soon after.
    I find it strange how jacked up this worlds values are. People are so in love with this woman who, and I will say it again, COVETED ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND. How come noone mentioned HER Karma…oh yeah I forgot she is hott…. I don’t really fault Brad for leaving Jen for Angelina, she put him under one of her voodoo spells and he fell right into her trap.

  25. King Smart Ian

    Okay, so we know True Love is in southern California (that’s a shocker). TL, how about the name of your town sweetheart? We’re getting warmer

  26. Fair & Sqare

    Becks: Voodoo is a religion with origins from the Yoruban tribe in Africa. Once slaves were brought here, they were forced to relinquish their religion but it is not a religion of evil spells – that is just a myth. It is a beautiful religion like the Hindu which believes in praising the spirits – the spirits past. Please research it – it is amazing how we can come to believe negative things about an entire group of people.

    Speaking of false perceptions….

    Becks I ask you this – I think because she is beautiful – the media and public have turned her into an evil homewrecker while they turn Aniston into the girl next door saint.

    We have no proof she is a homewrecker. Aniston has said herself she does not know if Brad cheated. Read Vanity Fair again. I have the article. That is what she said. All this is speculation.

    You say her beauty is used to champion her. I say it is being used to deomnize her. There was a great study done on stars like Julia Roberts who have had extramarital affairs yet they are forgiven because Julia is no seen as much of a sexual threat.

    Yet Angelina, because she is desired by so many men and because women feel threatened by a woman who is desired by their husbands and boyfriends – well tehn she is not forgiven – and unforgivne for something we can’t even prove.

    I think it is an image thing. She is sultry and mysterious so we make her into a bad person whereas Aniston is cuti pie girll next door so we turn her into the good girl.

    I think Angelina’s amazing beauty is being used against her in this scenario.

  27. Lenora N

    my favor brad and angelina
    and no dump no way
    we are good love also family

    pray for them, good luck in future, smile


  28. King Smart Ian

    Are you transcribing the thoughts of KoKo the sign-language-using gorilla or are those your own unique and very special word constructions?

  29. Becks

    Fair & Sqare, I will get on that research about voodoo ASAP! You say “I ask you this” but there is no question, rather your opinion. As I stated mine previously.
    I for one, am not threatened by this woman, as you stated most woman are. Yes, she is a very beautiful woman, probably one of the most beautiful in thise world. That being said, she should not have had to COVET anothers husband then. She can have any man in this world. I don’t fault Brad for “falling in love” with her However, I still stick to my original opinion, she CHOSE Brad. Whether “the beautiful religion of Voodoo” had anything to do with it, I will never know (it was a joke). But I still think she chose him (well his sperm was what she was after) this relationship will be over very soon.

    He looks miserable to me in every picture, as does she (Which could be the affect of the media following them around) I think she needs a challenge and the challenge with Brad, well there just isnt one anymore. My bet says this relationship will be over soon after the child is born.
    Sorry, again, just my opinion!

  30. Rudedog

    Something went flying by a few posts ago and I wonder why the F*CK nobody caught it (Miu. Miu. MIU! Pay at least a LITTLE attention here, ‘k?)

    For the love of all that is good and holy – does anybody think that Brad-fucking-Pitt would consider “…joining NAMBLA…” as quoted by King Smart Ian (you might want to alter your handle a little there, Ian). “NAMBLA” is the “North American Man/Boy Love Association.” (And I ONLY know this because I read Steve Huff’s blog!) These are the nasty creeps who want to introduce “boys” (some as young as 2) to the “beauty of Man/Boy love.” These are the seriously tweaked bastards who surf kiddie-porn sites, make contact, and then get ahold of these kids.

    While every atom of these bottom-feeders’ existences is toxic, what makes it equally disgusting is that there’s a god-damned NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for it. With by-laws, a hierarchy, gobs of money…and the shit keeps flowing.

    Now, really. Love Brad or hate Brad. Love Angie or hate Angie. But for Christ’s SAKE, people, I would really advise against using a public forum like this to announce that Brad Pitt has “…indicated he’s interested in joining NAMBLA!” There’s “Civil Suit” written all OVER that statement, Ian!

  31. King Smart Ian

    So I’m confused. You’re saying he hasn’t joined? Why then is he always pictured with small children?

  32. Rudedog

    Damnit, Ian. I realized as soon as I hit the “Enter” key that one of my legs was longer than the other! You are very, very good!

    But, still..I can’t imagine anyone’d want their site even ASSOCIATED with the acronym NAMBLA. (But you’re right as rain – he’s always got those {obviously} loved children hanging off him like baby weasels…)

  33. KSI

    I definitely thought twice before dropping that nasty acronym. Glad you got the joke

  34. Fair & Sqare

    Becks: Glad you will be researching a religion that is thousands of years old and is inherent to African people – a religion that has beliefs similar to the Native American and the Hindu. Good on you.

    The last thing we need is people using other people’s religions as a way to make a cheap joke.

    That said, you did not answer any of the points I made.

    In a sexist male society, we pick certain women to be the carriers of scorn, women we lash out at.

    Those women are usually beautiful and we feel they need to be punished for it. For they carry in their very sexuality our deepest and darkest fears – lust, indecent thoughts etc. Beautiful women by male dominated society have always been seen as a danger, a force to be reckoned with. Think of the great heroines in literature (The Scarlett Letter) and in history.

    Angelina is an ethnic looking White woman with amazingly good looks. She challenges our very sense of what is safe plus she has been very vocal about her sexual prowess.

    In puritan America, this is still a NO NO.

    A woman needs to look comforting, safe and cute. She needs to be malleable like Aniston. Then it does not challenge our sense of sexuality or poses no threat to our sense of decency of thought.

    Again, there are many stars who have had more decadent lives, but they are not nearly as chastised as she? Very interesting.

    Also, again, there is no proof that she has cheated. Jennifer Aniston has said that she has no proof of this. But we don’t care about facts – we care about image and what will hold up our images of good and bad – facts are never important in these cases.

    It goes back to the schoolyard games where the little girl who was pretty and kissed a boy was called a “slut” while the goody two shoes was seen as the good girl.

    We learn this name calling early on in our childhood and we go through life repeating these stereotypes in a desperate attempt to keep the world safe, void of overt sexuality and ultimately completely and utterly puritan. Our country is formed on these ideals. As we formed a country based on these Puritan ideas, we destroyed those of the Native Americans who were seen as free souls. It is no coincidence that who so many call the homewrecker “whore” in this case is in fact part Native American.

  35. Green Eyed Angell

    I saw it, it was hysterical (especially b/c I pictured Brad Pitt South Park style in the Cartman/NAMBLA epidsode)!
    Anyway, I’d like to know where everyone is from,”STATING” that Jolie is possibly the hottest woman in the world. Welcome to NYC, you can’t swing a Fendi (real or canal street knock-off) without hitting 3 women just as hot as her.
    Aaaand, yes Jolie is a homewrecker, but she was thinking, shit that is some good breeding stock, letme get a piece of that before it’s all dried out!

  36. Green Eyed Angell

    ??? So Jolie is the barer of our scorn because she is “beautiful” and we are jealous. OOOh ok. Sure.
    I really wish that I had time to write a novel in response to your post, but I don’t.
    Just one thing, little girls that blow the school aged boys in the back of the bus ARE sluts. Whether they have shitty morals or whatever, that seems to fit the definition to me. Whether she is pretty or not is irrelevent (and I think all little girls are pretty, how can you catagorize children like that?)

  37. Anonymous

    I lived in New York for many years Green Eyed Angel, if there are that many women that look like Jolie then they need a better Agent cause they should be making the millions she is. And I happen to know there were not too many women who looked liked that in NYC unless they were models.

    Look, I am not on any team but why can’t people just agree that Jolie is in fact one of the most exotic and beautiful stars period? Nobody says Aniston is not pretty – hell if my body could be in half as good shape as Aniston I would be good.

    But Jolie is more exotic and more striking. Come on people. I know looks are subjective but when a truly beautiful woman walks into a room, you know it. Jolie is truly beautiful. I would not mind looking like that for one day, it would be interesting to see how people react.

    The NAMBLA jole is not funny, by the way. Just my two cents.

  38. Fair & Square

    #36: How could you possibly call a little girl a slut? Wow, I can’t continue this conversation with you. I am gone people. I thought there could be intelligent debate here but when a moron like Green Eyed Angel says a little girl should be called a slut, that is when I know it is not worth the ignorance you people show to continue debating.

    Wow, you just showed your true colors. You need help.

  39. ohpleaze

    Don’t you people know that Angelina has had mucho plastic surgery–nose job, cheek implants, breast job, lips done, etc. etc.? Take a look at any picture pre-2001, the girl was pretty but not anything special in Hollywood. She is so fake looking, ugh. Believe me, Angelina is such a whore, there is NO WAY this woman will be able to be faithful to anyone for any length of time. She has serious daddy/sex issues. Yuck.

  40. Amy C

    i can’t believe people still call grown independent women “whore”.

    a whore charges for sex. angelina has sex out of her own free will with willing partners and it is free. none of us were in the aniston-pitt household, how can we judge? we know nothing. i like angelina because she is the underdog the one everyone picks on – and unfairly so. what proof do you have against her? none. so why rush to judgment?

  41. Sophia

    Fair & Square:

    You mentioned a study about stars who had extramarital affairs yet are forgiven because some like Julia Roberts aren’t perceived to be a sexual threat.

    I’m really interested in reading more about this study. Do you remember any more details?

  42. Fair & Square

    Why Stars Like Brangelina Get Scandal-Blasted, While Others Get Off Scott Free – —A curiously wise – or is that wisely curious – Celebrities Channel reader named Anna sent in a question, wondering why stars such as Julia Roberts and Katie Couric were so easily forgiven by fans for publicly dating partners not yet divorced, while Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been crucified for their own pursuit of happiness.

    Jolie’s many humanitarian endeavors and the couple’s adoption of interracial children has been reduced – in the public’s eyes – to mere publicity ploys to divert attention away from the already-oh-so-tiresome Hollywood Bermuda Triangle that is Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie. Aniston has declared over and over again, she’s ready to move on, but her fans just don’t seem ready to put away the tar and feathers.
    Why, indeed?

    True, we’ve come light years away from Hollywood’s less than halcyon days of the Hayes Code, moral censorship and public censure – back when Ingrid Bergman’s career was ruined because of her affair with then-married director Roberto Rosellini. But even then, it was obvious that while Bergman and other stars were held to strict account for their actions, others got off lightly by comparison. In the late 50s, Eddie Fisher left America’s darling, Debbie Reynolds, for Elizabeth Taylor, who in turn, left him for Richard Burton. While all those adulterous shenanigans wreaked havoc in their personal lives, they did not permanently derail their individual careers.

    When Carol Burnett’s late husband, producer Joe Hamilton, left a wife and eight children to be with her, America’s favorite comedian suffered a little backlash sure. However, the multi-Emmy-winning “Carol Burnett Show,” which Hamilton produced, stayed on the air till 1978.

    Yet, when America’s end of the millennium sweetheart, Meg Ryan, chose an unrepentant bad-boy Aussie like Russell Crowe to turn to before her divorce from Dennis Quaid, you’d have thought she cheated on every star and stripe in the American flag.

    Again, we ask why? Well, it all seems to come down to one word: perception.

    Ingrid Bergman: Foreign beauty = Homewrecker. Unforgivable.
    Carol Burnett: Girl Next Door = Couldn’t help falling in love with the wrong guy. Forgivable.

    Angelina Jolie: Exotic Looking, Hot and Freaky = Every man’s fantasy and every wife’s worst nightmare. Unforgivable. Katie Couric: Girl Next Door and Smart = Probably just fell in love with the wrong guy. Forgivable.

    Julia Roberts: Girl Next Door and Hot and Wild = Every man’s dream and every wife’s worst nightmare. But, OMG, she is the girl next door and look at that smile! Forgivable.

    Meg Ryan: Girl Next Door and America’s Sweeheart = How dare she fall in love with the wrong guy. Unforgivable, no possibility for pardon.

    Really, the capriciousness of the populace knows no bounds and any attempt at categorizing or coming up with a definitive answer as to why we forgive some celebs and not others just raises more questions.

  43. Article in #42 written by:

    Why Stars Like Brangelina Get Scandal-Blasted, While Others Get Off Scott Free By Stephanie DuBois Oh Fickle Finger of Fandom!

  44. Rumor

    I am a Jolie fan, but in many ways I agree with you, Green Eyed Angel. I am considered attractive, but when I was young, whenever I saw a girl who was prettier than me, I’d zoom in and take extra notice, but not automatically hate her. If anything, I wanted to look like her. Young women tend to do this because they haven’t come into their own yet. Little girls start out their lives focusing on their beauty. It’s been proven that beauty opens more doors. I think that if a woman is pretty and has a beautiful and kind spirit, people will like her even more. We have to sense that she stands for something good. But if she is pretty and shows any kind of coldness or meanness of spirit, people can’t wait to give her the bump. People really want to see a woman like that completely knocked off her throne. They want her to know that though “she” thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips because of her good looks, “they” think she’s total crap.

    I look at beautiful women like I would a great painting. I don’t feel threatened by them because I have grown up. I don’t want to be them or anyone else for that matter. All people are special and should be themselves instead of trying to copy somebody else.

    When I was a teenager, I was fascinated by all the beautiful, super-skinny models in Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. I thought they ruled the world. Today, I think I look better than some of them! More than that, it’s great to feel good in my own skin.

    If you notice, many gorgeous Hollywood stars have their “moments” and disappear. Mel Gibson admitted that it is hard for him to watch his old films because he used to be incredibly handsome. It’s hard for many of the beautiful stars to face the facts, hence, all the plastic surgery.

    Thank God, many of us realize physical health and relationships with our mates, family, friends and community are the most precious things we will ever have.

    I think that it’s more about Angelina Jolie’s lifestyle that has put some people off. It’s her independent demeanor and the taboo things she’s done, which I won’t discuss. And now many see Jolie as almost a split personality. They see the great compassion in her work overseas, etc, but they think she’s lacking sympathy in her personal life. If I could pinpoint what I’ve heard some women (especially older ladies) say, it’s that they don’t trust her. They think she’s flippant and kind and caring about some things, but not about other things. I think Angelina’s beauty would be even more revered if she didn’t have the checkered past, and some people don’t believe that she has changed. Many of you may disagree with me, but it’s what I sense from gossip with friends.

    I want to add that at the time, I thought Julia Roberts acted horribly when she pursued her husband, Danny. I saw the photos of her wearing the T-shirt that read, “A-Low Vera,” referring to her husband’s then-wife, Vera. Some of my co-workers said they couldn’t stand her anymore. They thought she was the sweet, carefree Pretty Woman, but now they see her as a ruthless, aggressive Scorpio.

  45. Simple Me

    Rumor: I too feel I am attractive (at least people tell me so) and I love to surround myself by my beautiful attractive girlfriends. However, most of my girlfriends love Angelina Jolie. I hate to say this and I know I will be attacked for this but I think it has to do with well intellectual ability for lack of a better expression. My friends are all college educated women who have traveled the world and have had some interesting lives. One of my best friends is a beautiful model and is married to a college professor. These women are not put off by out of the ordinary people. We have friends with tattoos and dated guys with tattoos. We have friends who study all sorts of religions and have very interesting jobs. We are not taken aback by someone like Jolie. It is so normal for me her behavior. I don’t blink an eye. Yet, if I go to my cousins’ who live in a small town, well they don’t get her. I think it is about exposure. One of my favorite quotes from Jolie is when she said that she was interested in being a funeral director as a child because she cared so much about life. I felt that this was truly beautiful and she is a soul I identify with. She is complicated and interesting. And like other posters have said, we can never know what her private life is like. We can never know what happened so why judge her? Especially us women, why don’t we bond together? Why do we pick some women to be bad and others good? Let’s bond together. Angelina Jolie is helping a lot of poor women – at the end of the day, isn’t that enough? What else does she have to prove besides being a good citizen of the world? Her private life is her business with Brad Pitt and her children, I don’t care about who she is privately but I do care that she is active in the world.

  46. Sophia

    Thanks for the article Fair & Square. Much appreciated

  47. Rumor

    Simple Me, I agree.

  48. jen

    I don’t believe it. I wish Brad and Angie a lot of happiness

  49. madison

    Fair & Square: What you say is all fair and well (except I don’t see where you’re going with the Elizabeth Taylor/Debbie Reynolds remark) but don’t you think that when you rely on public persception and approval for your paycheck, then you sacrifice all of those rights.

    FACT is ALOT of people don’t approve of Angelina Jolie’s behaviour and they’re totally entitled to feel that way, seeing as their continued support will directly influence her career.

    What did Oprah do when a Hermes shop wouldn’t let her in. She raked them over the coles on her show and didn’t support them. Why is Jolie different? She’s a brand we’ve bought into. None of us know the real her, but I’ve lost confidence in the brand (along with many others who were pissed off by both her and Pitt’s blatant disregard for their public.)

    I think it’s irresponsible and insulting of her harvesting and having kids left right and center, just assuming that all will be forgotten and we’re going to carry on loving her so she can continue milking the same public who’s opinion she didn’t give a fuck about for millions.

    How’s she going to support her pack of kids in ten years time when she’s all washed up? Saving the world doesn’t pay that well!

  50. Sherry Baby

    Doesn’t anybody see it? Jolie is acquiring so many kids because she has Brad. She adopted Maddox four years ago and wasn’t ready for another baby until recently. Now, the more kids, the merrier. Alone, she’s not that capable. She’s going adoption crazy because Brad is there to help her.

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